Instant Crispy Rava DosaIMG_1946( Except Soaking for 15 to 30 Minutes)

                                               The start of your day can be Healthy by including Wheat in your Diet . Wheat can be easily integrated in Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. you can consume Wheat in number of ways . Wheat Rava Dosa is undoubtedly delicious and appetizing choice for your morning meal . In India wheat is consumed in the form of Bread called roti or Chapathi. To get maximum benefits out of Wheat products it is advisable to choose Wheat products that are made from Whole wheat flour rather than refined varieties.

                                                Wheat is originated in Southwestern Asia , but today it is grown in countless countries and most common cereal available all over the world. Research has already proven that Wheat is extremely beneficial for Healthy Living and people who suffer from diabetes are able to keep their Sugar levels under control by replacing Rice with Wheat in their Diet. Wheat bran considerably reduces bile acid secretion and bacterial enzymes there by cutting the chances of Colon cancer.

                                                   Along with Protein, fat and Carbohydrates try to include fiber rich loaded Veggies in your diet . This help improve Intestinal Health, Immunity and nutrient absorption. Low in Calories and rich in Dietary Fiber and you feel fuller for long time . Research has shown several vegetables detoxify the system and help  fighting with diseases . You can add a variety of Chopped veggies like Onions, Bell peppers, tomatoes, Spinach . These veggies not only add Color, texture , flavor to your breakfast but make your Breakfast Healthier. Source : Health Magazines. 

                              So try to include a serving of Vegetables in your Breakfast recipes.


1.Wheat Flour – 1 Cup

2.Sooji or Fine  Daliya – 1/2 Cup 

3. Cumin Seeds- 1/2 tbsp

4. Salt Accordingly

5. Water -3/4th Glass ( 6 Ounces)

6.Oil for Frying Dosa’s

7.Finely chopped Onions,Tomato’s, Capsicum and Coriander.

METHOD: Recipe for 2 Dosa’s


1. Mix Wheat Flour, RAva and Cumin seeds and Store in a Box.

2.Take 8 tbsp of the Mixture and Mix with 3/4 th Glass Water or accordingly and Salt.

   Mix well and Check for Salt and adjust accordingly.

3.Leave on the Kitchen Counter for 15 to 30 Minutes.

4. Heat a Non stick Pan.Cook on Medium High.

   Grease the Pan with Little Oil.Pour the Batter ( Like Rava Dosa) in a Circular Motion.


5. Brown on Both Sides.

Note: You can Mix Vegetables in the Batter or Sprinkle the Veggies on the Pan and on top Pour the Batter.

Enjoy: IMG_1950



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