ZucchiniIMG_2443 Spinach Dal       IMG_2445with Steamed Rice ,Snake Gourd Raita and Plain Paratha.

This Vegetable Dal is a One pot Meal for Kids . Feed at least 1/2 Cup everyday  with Steamed rice or Phulka or Plain Paratha . If feeding for small kids Mix Vegetable dal with Steamed rice and any stir fry vegetable like Tindora , Okra ( Bhindi) , Karela , Snake gourd, Carrot stir fry , Indian cluster Beans and Indian Broad Beans . They will get enough nutrition and fiber .

Recipe for 2 Adults and 2 Kids.

Preparation and Cooking Time : 30 Minutes.


1.Toor Dal , Yellow Moong Dal  and Channa Dal  -1/2 th Cup ( Soak for an30 minutes  and Pressure Cook with enough Water)

2. Onion – Medium ( Chopped)

3. Tomatoes -2 ( Chopped)

4.Zucchini -1 ( chopped) or Lauki ( Green Squash) or Yellow Cucumber or Ridge gourd

5. Spinach – 3 Handfuls ( Finely Chopped)

6. Grated  Carrot

7. Curry Powder -1/2 or 1 tbsp (  Blend Redchilli Powder, Coriander , Cumin Powder ,  Garlic and fresh Coriander) and Rasam or Sambar powder – 1 /2 tbsp.

8. Salt

9. Turmeric -1/4 th tbsp

10. Oil -2 tbsp and Ghee – 1 tbsp

11. Juice of Lime – half or Full

12. Seasoning : Urad dal -1 tbsp, Cumin seeds-1 tbsp,Mustard seeds -1/2 tbsp ,Red chillies -2 and Hing 

13. Garlic Cloves -4 (Crushed)

14. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves


1. Heat 1 tbsp Oil and Sauté Onions with Little Salt and Turmeric .

2. Once Onions are Browned add Chopped Tomatoes ,Zucchini, Spinach, Grated  Carrot , Curry Powder and Sambar Powder  ,Cooked Dals .  Mix well and Cook Until Vegetables are Cooked enough .Mix between to avoid burning.

3.Heat 1 tbsp Oil and 1 tbsp Ghee and Splutter Mustard seeds,Cumin seeds, Urad dal ,Red chillies,Crushed Garlic,Hing ,Curry Leaves.  Add this Seasoning to the Cooked Dal . Mix well.

4.Squeeze Juice of Half Lime. Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly.

5. Garnish with Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.

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