To lead a Healthy life and proper development Kids require additional nutrition in their growing years.

                                 Today I’m sharing an easy dessert or Lunch Box snack ( My mother use to pack these in our Lunch Box) Peanut ladoo which doesn’t require much cooking except dry roasting and grinding. I have used less Ghee , if you feel difficult in binding add some ghee and bind ladoo . Ghee is Healthy for Kids when used in moderation. Include raisins  and Dates which provide natural sweetness and Jaggery which is a good substitute for Sugar and has its own unique Health Benefits.              Other ingredient I used is Sesame seeds which is one of the Oldest spices to man dating back to 3000 B.C . Low in GI and valuable source of dietary protein that are essential for growing Children. Cardamom is a Vanilla Bean for Indian desserts.

                                         Peanuts are called the Brain food as they contain Vitamin B3 or niacin which improves Brain function and Boosts Memory. They possess the nutrition qualities of the both Legumes and nuts and hence offer several benefits for Skin , Hair and Health . The flavor of toasted  nuts improves their texture  , sweetness from Jaggery and raisins , intensely aromatic flavor from Cardamom and rich and nutty flavor from sesame seeds makes one tasty treat for Kids and Family.Source : HM

ENJOY these Ladoo’s as a Dessert and Pack as a SNACK for your KIDS LUNCH BOX.

Doesn’t need any COOKING except Dry Roasting Peanuts and Sesame Seeds.

Recipe for 15  MEDIUM Size Ladoo’s.

Preparation and Cooking Time: 30 Minutes.


1. Ghee –   1  tbsp.

2. Peanuts – 1 and 1/2 Cup 

3. White Sesame seeds- 1/4 th Cup 

4. Dry Coconut – 1/4 th Cup

5. Powdered Jaggery – 1/4 th Cup and Dates – 15 .


7. Almonds – 20

8. Raisins -1/4 th Cup

9. Cashews and Pistachio’s – 1/2 Cup Chopped 



1.Dry roast Peanuts on a Medium Flame and Cool them before Grinding( Don’t remove the Skin). or Store bought roasted peanuts. 

2.Dry roast White Sesame seeds on Medium Flame . Cool them and Grind into Fine Powder with Dry Coconut, Peanuts and Almonds .Transfer to a Bowl.  To this add Chopped Dates,  Jaggery  .Blend altogether. You can Grind in One Batch or in 3 Batches.

3. Transfer to a Bowl and add 1 tbsp melted Ghee and Chopped Cashew’s, Raisins  and Pistachio’s  .Try to make Ladoo’s when it is Warm. Take a Handful of Mixture and Shape Like Ladoo’s. Now Grease your Hand with Little Ghee and Shape them into Round Balls. You will get perfect shaped Ladoo’s.

4. If you have tough time making Ladoo’s ( with Dates you will be able to bind the Ladoo’s) MICROWAVE for 30 Seconds and start making Round Balls.  Carry on the Same steps to make Ladoo’s out of remaining Mixture.

ENJOY this Easy Peanut Ladoo’s for Dessert or PACK for your KIDS LUNCH BOX as a SNACK.




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