Mango Pickle with Yellow Moong Dal.IMG_2046 

No Indian meal is complete without a Pickle . This is an easy recipe you can prepare without guidance .

One of my favorite Mango Pickle’s is Mango Pickle with Yellow Moong Dal .This is  my favorite Pickle since Childhood as I don’t like Spicy food  but I like Mango Pickle Prepared with Moong Dal because Moongdal suppresses Spiceness in the Pickle  . Compared to other Mango Pickle varieties Moong Dal predominates other Spices used   in this recipe . The Good thing about the Pickle is  we can enjoy from Day One . There is no need to wait for a week or so.

             This is a Old recipe among different Mango Pickle Varieties and can be eaten  whole summer without guilt as it won’t generate heat in the body. Even  it is My Kids favorite Pickle . You have to eat it with Steamed Rice and Ghee followed by Yogurt with Sweet Mango Puree.

This recipe is easy to Prepare with few Ingredients .  Mango Pickle is prepared with Special Variety of Mangoes so they can stay crisp for longer period of time.Wash and Dry Mangoes . Cut into small Pieces and Mix with Spices and Oil . You can use SESAME OIL or Oil of your Choice. As the shelf life of the Pickle is less  because of yellow Moong Dal I made a small batch  with two Mangoes .Store in air tight container or Clear Glass Bottle and leave on Kitchen Counter If the weather is not too Hot; too Humid, or else refrigerate it. It will be finished quickly  and won’t last for a week or so .

Try this recipe if you are Picky with SPICY PICKLES.



1. Mangoes- 1 Big or 2 Medium size  ( Cut into Pieces)

2. Yellow Moong Dal – 1/2 Cup ( Roast on a Medium Heat, Cool it and Grind into Fine Powder)

3. Chilli Powder – 1/4 th Cup

4. Salt – 1/2 of 1/4 th Cup or accordingly

5. Fenu Greek Powder, Cumin Powder and Mustard Powder – 1 tbsp. each.

6. Oil – 1/2 Cup

7. Turmeric – 1/2 tbsp.

8. Seasoning : Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds , Fenugreek seeds and Hing.


1. Wash and wipe the mangoes with a Kitchen towel . Dry Mangoes for Hour or two. Cut Mangoes into big Pieces and discard the seed . Add them to a bowl .

2. In another bowl  Mix Yellow Moong Dal Powder, Chilli Powder, Salt , Fenugreek Powder, Mustard Powder  and Turmeric .

3. Add Oil slowly to the Mixture and Mix well without Lumps. Now add Mango Pieces and Mix well so the Spices Coat uniformly to Mango pieces . Store in a Clear Jar or Air tight Container.

4. Next day Mix with Clean and dry spoon so the Juice form Mango Pieces and Spices are well Coated  to the Pieces. 

5. You can even add Seasoning with mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Fenugreeks seeds and Hing.

Enjoy: IMG_2044


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