Crispy  Stuffed  Bread Pakora without Deep frying.  KIDS LUNCH BOX/WEEKEND LUNCH img_1677 Serve or Pack  with Sprouted Moong Dal salad and Fruit .

Bread Pakora is a perfect Snack with a cup of coffee or tea. You can serve for Breakfast as it is not deep fried.  Or serve as an appetizer for gatherings. I didn’t add any Baking  soda, but still Crispy  .  It is prepared with every day ingredients (10 Ingredients) easily available form your pantry and 5 Step PROCEDURE. Prepare the filling ahead of time and refrigerate . You can use Beans of your choice or Green Peas or Corn . Mix the batter with Spices and refrigerate. Pan fry before you serve,  It will take few minutes to prepare. Enjoy this easy Snack any time of the day and pack for KIDS LUNCH BOX. 

Recipe for 12 Bread Pakora’s.

Preparation and Cooking Time : 30 Minutes


1. Bread Slices – 6

2. Potatoes – 2 ( Boiled)

3. Black Eyed Peas – 1/2 Cup ( Cooked) OR Green Peas

4. Vegetables – 1 Cup ( Finely chopped Green Beans , Green Peas,  Carrots and Corn)( Microwave for 2 Minutes)

5. Red chilli powder – 1/2 and 1/2 for Filling and Outer Coating

6. Coriander and Cumin Powder – 1 tbsp. each ( For filling and Outer Coating)

7. Aajwain – 1 tbsp. and Salt

8. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.

9. Chick Pea Flour and Rice Four

10. Oil for Frying Bread Pakora’s – 2 tbsp



             Mix Boiled Potatoes, Black eyed Peas or Green Peas , Vegetables , Red chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder , Salt and Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.Divide into 12 equal Portions.


Mix  Chickpea flour and Rice flour , Red Chilli Powder, Coriander powder, Cumin Powder, Aajwain and Salt. Slowly add Water and Mix well without any Lumps. Batter must be little thick.

3.Toast the Bread lightly till Brown on both sides. Cut the Bread into triangle .  Apply Coriander Chutney on one Side  of the Bread Slice.

4. Spread the Beans and Potato Filling on the Bread.  Wet your fingers and Spread the Mixture evenly on ONE SIDE. Now Spread Tamarind and Dates Chutney on Potato Filling.

5. Heat a Non stick Pan and Grease the Pan with little Oil . Dip the Bread Pieces in Chickpea flour Batter and Place the Bread Triangles in a Single Layer and Pan fry them on Both sides till Golden Brown.

Serve with Tomato Ketchup or Onion and Tomato Salad.


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