Quinoa Masala idli is a simple recipe prepared with Lentils, rice and quinoa. Soak for 2 hours. ( Sufficient time as I  have used Split Green moong dal ) . Grind and ferment overnight. Add finely chopped veggies, Tomato masala paste and green chilli paste to the batter before preparing Idli . These Idli’s are soft and fluffy and doesn’t need any side or with Coconut Raita.  Grind coconut with Green chillies and ginger and add to Yogurt( curd) and add Cumin seeds tadka. Here is the Simple recipe with 5 Main Ingredients. 


1. Urad dal – 1/2  Cup ,Channa Dal – 1/4 th  cup , Yellow Moong dal – 1/4 th  cup and Split Green moong dal – 1/4 th cup 

2. Brown Basamti Rice – One  Cup

3. Quinoa – 1/2 Cup 

4. Finely chopped Vegetables 

5. Tadka

6. Green chilli paste

7. Onion tomato paste with Ginger and Garlic 


1. Soak for at least 4 to 6 Hrs ( I Soaked for 6 hrs) and Grind with little Salt and Enough Water. 

2. Ferment Overnight . You can add grated or finely chopped  vegetables , Onion tomato paste with ginger and garlic and add tadka . Add Green chilli paste  too .

5.Grease Idli Plates with little Oil or Ghee.

6. Pour 3 to 4 tbsp batter in each mould .


7. Steam for 12 Minutes without Pressure.

8. When Pressure comes down remove Idli’s with Wet steel Spoon.

Taste good without Chutney or with COCONUT RAITA .IMG_1646

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