Cabbage Moong Dal IMG_2354Curry with Carrots and Coconut.

If you don’t like the Smell of Cabbage , Cook My way and you are going to Love it.Enjoy with STEAMED RICE or PLAIN PARATHA or JOWAR ROTI.  DON’T Squeeze Water from Cabbage after Cooking . Leave on the Stove and Cook till Water Evaporates. It will take 5 Minutes. Just Follow My Recipe and you won’t go Wrong.

Recipe for 3 to 4 People.

Preparation and Cooking Time : 30 Minutes.

Need 3 to 4 Tbsp OIL.



1. Medium Cabbage – 1

2. Yellow Moong Dal – 1/4 th Cup or 2 Handfuls

3. Baby Carrots – 15

4.  Dry Coconut – Handful

5. Green Chillies – 2 to 3 ( Mild Spicy)

6. Oil – 3 to 4 tbsp.

7. Salt as per taste

8. Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp.

9. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp. ( Mixture of Red chilli Powder , Coriander Powder , Cumin Powder and Garlic)

10. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.

11. Juice of Half Lime ( Optional but Recommended)

12. Water – Half Cup or 4 Ounces for Cooking Cabbage and Yellow Moong Dal.

13. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp


1. Cut the Cabbage into thin Strips.

2. Soak Yellow Moong Dal for Half Hour or One Hour or Soak in light warm water and will get soaked by 15 minutes  . Wash Before and After Soaking.

3. Grate the Baby Carrots or Pulse in the Blender.

4. Grind Dry Coconut , Green Chillies and Little Salt.

5. Heat a Non stick Pan and Cook Chopped Cabbage , Yellow Moong Dal , Half  Cup Water and Little Salt. Cook on a Medium High Flame. with Lid Closed . Stir in Between.

6. Once the Cabbage is Cooked . Remove the lid and Cook till Water evaporates. Stir in Between to avoid burning.Once the Water Evaporates add 2 tbsp. OIL , 1/4 th tbsp. Turmeric , 1 tbsp. Cumin seeds, Grated Carrot. Cook for 5 More  Minutes till it is Dry. Stir.

7. Switch Off the Stove and add Coconut Mixture, 1 tbsp. Curry Powder and Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves.Add 1 more tbsp. OIL. Mix Gently . Squeeze Juice of Half Lime . Check for Salt and add accordingly.

Note : Don’t add too Much WATER while  Cooking Cabbage. It will get Mushy.

                          Careful with Salt as we added while Cooking Cabbage and Grinding Coconut.


Good to Read :IMG_2165 Source : Health Magazines

Cooked Cabbage has several Health Benefits and Nutrients . It is a good addition to a Well Balanced Meal Plan. It has 50.3 percent of daily required value of Vitamin C . Fresh dark green leafy Cabbage is incredibly Nutritious . Vey low in fat and Calories. 100 grams of Leaves provide just 25 Calories.

                                Cabbage is one of the best Sources of Vitamin K along with other types of Leafy green Vegetables . Vitamin K is important for Blood Clotting and needed for Bone Health . It helps your body use Calcium and getting less than recommended amount poses an increased risk of developing Osteoporosis .

                                 Cabbage Health Benefits simply cannot be ignored . Good Source of Vitamin B6 , Manganese , folate, Vitamin B2 and B1 , Potassium , Calcium , Magnesium and Vitamin A are abundantly found in Cabbage.

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