Sweet  Bread Balls. Crunchy from outside . Soft, moist  and sweet filling inside.img_0220-2                             Sometimes we crave for some foods and skip preparing because of lengthy work .Today I’m sharing everybody’s favorite dessert which you can prepare in less time and take 10 minutes to Pan fry with 2 tbsp. Oil .

                       You can entertain your Family and Friends by Preparing  them ahead of time . Refrigerate it and Pan fry them at the time of Serving.  You can fry 10 to 15 at a time depending on your Pan Size. Now you Can  enjoy your Favorite Dessert anytime of the Year with Less Work.

Recipe for 10 Sweet Bread Balls.

Preparation and Cooking Time : Less than One Hour

Ingredients :img_0217-2

1. Bread – 10 Slices ( Whole Grain or Whole Wheat or Bread of your Choice)

2.Channa Dal – 1 Cup

3. Jaggery – 5 Blocks

4. Sugar – 3 tbsp.

5. Water –  1 Cup

6. Cardamom – 4

7. Ghee – 1 tbsp.

8. Oil for Pan frying Bread Balls – 2 to 3 tbsp.

Method for Puran Poli :

1. Soak Channa Dal for Couple of Hours and Pressure Cook with 1 Cup Water for 3 to 4 Whistles.

2. When Pressure Comes down transfer Channa Dal to a Pan and add Jaggery Powder, 1 tbsp. GHEE and Cook on Medium Flame ( approximately 15 Minutes ) Until Water evaporates .Check whether you are able to form Ball by taking small portion of the Mixture.

3. Cool the Mixture and divide into 10 equal Portions and shape like a Ball by greasing your hands with Oil.

Method for BREAD BALLS :img_0218-2

1.Trim the edges of the Bread Slices.

2. After the Stuffing Cools down divide it into 10 equal portions and Shape like round Balls.

3.Take Water in a Bowl and Sprinkle Water on One side of the Bread or Partially dip the Bread in the Water  and Press out the Excess Water by Placing between your Hands and stretch the Bread little bit by Squeezing out the Water.

4.Place the Puran Poli ball in the middle of the Bread . Try to seal from all sides and shape it into a round ball.Repeat the same thing with the rest .

5.Place the Bread balls on a Paper towel to dry out the excess Water.

6. Grease your Hands with little Oil and shape Bread balls again and make sure all the them are well Coated with Oil.Repeat the Oil Coating for all the Bread Balls.

7.Heat a Non stick Pan with 1 tbsp. Oil and Place the Bread Balls ( 10 at a time ) or depending on your Pan size.img_0221-2

Pan fry them On Medium or Medium High Flame on FOUR sides .

8. Drizzle some Oil on each Bread Ball.img_0222-2

Note : You can refrigerate the BREAD BALLS and PAN FRY before you Serve or before your guests arrive.

Happy Cooking:img_0219-2


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