Yellow Moong Dal Saladimg_1374

Salad for those who want to avoid Oil and Salt . We can eat without Oil . Does it taste good without Salt . Yes when we get little Creative . As it is not seasoned with Salt , you can Prepare ahead of time and refrigerate  and enjoy for any meal . I remember eating Moong dal mixed with Banana and coconut as a Prasadam during festival time .  I use to prepare for kids Lunch Box with different fruits. They like the combination. . For today’s salad I added some Green chillies and ginger , so that you can have little spicy bite in between and a Sweet taste from fruits and coconut  and we don’t feel that salt is missing. Sometimes I take off from Cooking and enjoy these Salads for Lunch time. Do my Kids like it . Yes , they too enjoy the salads.

1. Yellow Moong Dal – 1/4 th Cup Soak for Half Hour and Wash 3 to 4 times.

2.Clementines – 4 ( Peel the Skin and cut into Half)

3.One Apple – Chopped

4. Dry Coconut or Freshly Grated Coconut – Handful

5.Green Chillies – 2 ( Mild Spicy)

6. Ginger – Small piece ( Chopped finely )

7. Mixed Herbs – 1 tbsp

8. Freshly ground Pepper

9. Honey – 2 tbsp. and chopped raisins – 20

10. Finely Chopped Coriander leaves


Drain all Water from Yellow Moong Dal and Mix with Chopped Apples, Clementines, Green chillies , Ginger , Coconut, Mixed herbs, Black Pepper, Honey , Chopped raisins and finely Chopped Coriander leaves.

Check for  Sweetness and adjust accordingly.



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