Black eyed Bean Grape Salad.IMG_1960 with Zero Oil and Salt .Except Cooked Black eyed Beans with Little Salt.

Recipe for 2 People.

Preparation and Cooking Time : Less than 30 Minutes.


1. Black eyed Beans – 1/2 Cup ( Cooked)

2. Grapes – 20 ( Cut into Half)

3. Cabbbage – 1/2 Cup ( Finely Chopped)

4. Green Capsicum or Green Bell Pepper – 1/4 th Cup

5. Grated Carrots – 20 ( Baby Carrots)

6. Pistachios – Hand ful

7 . Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

8. DRESSING : Crush 10 to 15 Grapes and add Freshly grounded Black Pepper , Roasted Cumin Powder and Honey .


Soak 1/4 th Cup Black eyed Beans and Pressure Cook with Enough Water and Little Salt. 

                              Cool them and Mix with Sliced Grapes, Cabbage , Green Bell Pepper, Grated Carrot , Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves and Salad Dressing. Mix well and top it with Pistachios.



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