16 BeansIMG_2299Vegetable  whole Wheat  Noodles Soup. Zero Oil .

Hot Bowl of Soup that will warm you up on a Chilly Day and satisfy your Whole Family. Not only you can enjoy this Beans Soup in Winter but through out the Year. One pot meal loaded with Vegetables , Beans and Spices. Cooked Beans will thicken the soup and no need to add any flour . You can add Rice Noodles or Whole wheat Noodles or Whole Grain Pasta or Sphagetti . One pot to Cook and Clean . It will be loved by everyone in your family. Prepare ahead of time and refrigerate. Add Noodles or Pasta to the Soup and bring to boil before you serve. It takes only 10 minutes to come to boil . No need to over cook .  Here is a Simple recipe with every day Ingredients from your Pantry . 

Recipe for 3 to 4 People .

Preparation Time : 15 Minutes and Cooking Time : 10 Minutes .


1.N oodles – 1 Packet or 1 Cup ( Broken) Noodles of your choice or with Spahagetti or whole grain Pasta.

2. Cooked 16 Beans –  I recommend using Cooked Beans for this Soup Recipe)

3. Finely Chopped Vegetables – 2 Cups (Green Beans – 1/2 Cup, Carrots- 1/2 Cup , Cabbage – Finely Chopped – 1 Cup)

4. Onion – 1/2 Cup ( Finely Chopped) and Crushed Garlic Cloves – 4

5. Tomato – 1 ( Chopped)

6. Ketchup – 1/4 th Cup

7. Sugar – 1 tbsp. 

8 . Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp. ( Blend of Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder, Garlic Cloves and Coriander Leaves) or Rasam Powder or Sambar powder

9. Salt as per taste

10. Water – 3 Glasses ( 24 Ounces)

11. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves .

12. Colored Bell Peppers( Green , Yellow , Red and Orange) – 1/2 Cup  ( Chopped)


1. If store bought Beans , Wash them thoroughly. Soak 1/2 Cup Mixed Beans Overnight and Pressure Cook in the Morning. I recommend using Cooked Beans for this soup recipe.

2.To Cooked Beans add  3  glasses Water ,  Broken Noodles or Pasta or Sphagetti ,  Finely Chopped Vegetables, Onions , Tomato and Colored Bell Peppers.

3. Season with Salt , Curry Powder . Bring to Boil . Cook on Medium High Flame . Stir in between. It will take 10 Minutes .

4. After 10 Minutes or Once the Noodles are soft Switch Off the Stove . Check for Consistency and add Water accordingly.

5. Garnish with Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves, Ketchup and Sugar. Check for Salt, Spices and adjust.


GOOD TO READ : IMG_2165 Source : Health Magazines.

         Protein is one of the 3 macro nutrients your body needs to function properly ( along with fats and Carbohydrates) Our body needs 22 different types of amino acids to function properly . 13 are non essential amino acids( within the body) and 9 are essential amino acids must be obtained from food. These essential amino acids derive the classification of Protein as either Complete or Incomplete .  Complete Protein comes from both animal based( like Meat , Fish , Diary, Eggs ) and Plant Based ( Quinoa , Buck wheat, Hemp and Chia seeds) Nuts and seeds , Legumes , Grains and vegetables are considered incomplete protein . They need to combine to provide the right balance of essential amino’s like Rice and Beans, Hummus with Whole grain Pita etc. Protein in combination make a complete amino acid profile are known as Complementary Protein. Complementary Protein doesn’t need to be eaten together but since body doesn’t store amino acids for later use in Protein combining , they should be eaten throughout a day’s meal.

Beans are low in Fat ( except for Soya Beans), Calories and Sodium. High in Complex Carbohydrates and Dietary fiber. They are excellent Source of Protein . They Provide all amino acids necessary to make a Complete Protein for Vegetarians if eaten with Grains. who do not have other Sources of Protein for their Meals.                                                          They offer Modest amounts of essential fatty acids mostly Omega 6’s . Beans are extremely beneficial in  diabetes diet because they rank low in Glycemic Scale which means that they do not cause Inflammatory Hunger inducing Spikes in Blood Sugar Levels associated with refined Grains and Baked Goods.                                                 Beans offer ample fiber and are released into the Blood Stream slowly providing energy for a Sustained period. ( One cup of Cooked Beans can provide as much as 15 grams of Dietary Fiber more than Half of the recommended daily value of 25 grams). How ever it is recommended not to Consume no more than 1/4th to 1/2 cup cooked Beans Per Meal.



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