Lunch Pockets IMG_2191IMG_2185  10 Minute Morning Breakfast  OR  for Lunch . Prepare Night before and store in the refrigerator .Pan fry in the Morning or you can prepare immediately .

Recipe for 4.

Preparation time : 15 Minutes  and Cooking time : 10  Minutes.

For Kids Breakfast , Kids Lunch/Lunch  Box or Snack .


1.Bread Slices -8 ( Bread of our Choice, Whole wheat, Whole Grain or White Bread) .        Take a Coffee Bottle Lid and Cut the Bread into Circles .


1. Heat 1 tbsp. Oil and Saute Onions ( 1/2 Cup – Chopped) with Little Salt , Turmeric (1/4 th tbsp. ) and Cumin seeds ( 1 tbsp.) .  Once Onions are Brown add 1 cup Finely Chopped Vegetables ( Green Beans, Corn , Green Peas and Carrot) and Cook for few Minutes.

                              Then add Cooked Lentils or any Beans of your choice ( 1/2 Cup Cooked . Soak 1/4 th Cup raw lentils for couple of Hours and Cook in the Microwave)  and Boiled Crumbled Potato and 1/2 tbsp. Curry Powder .  Mix well and Check for Salt and add accordingly.

2. Cool the Filling and Make PATTIES.

3. In 1/4 th Cup of Yogurt Soak 1 tbsp. of Sooji for Outer Covering.

4. Place Pattie on a Slice of Bread IMG_2193and Cover with another Circle of Bread . With WET FINGERS Seal the Edges.IMG_2186


5. Next day MORNING Brush the Sooji Yogurt Coating on Top of the Bread Circles IMG_2192and another side after Flipping.

6.Heat a Non Stick Pan and Fry Stuffed Bread on Both Sides.

SERVE THEM IMG_2191FOR kids Breakfast Or Kid Lunch or Snack.

GOOD TO READ :IMG_2165 Source : Health Magazines

           Protein is Overlooked when our focus was on reducing Fat intake and increasing the Consumption of Vitamin rich foods. Protein is important not only for Muscle Bulk but for every Cell , Tissue and Organ of the body.Since the body cannot store Protein , it must be Continuously replenished through foods like Legumes, Eggs and other Ideal Protein Sources.If the body doesn’t get enough Protein , it starts breaking down Muscles and can result in loss of Muscle Mass. Most People can get their recommended Protein intake with just a few Servings Per Day , but the Source of Protein is important .Legumes ; Add a Serving of 1/2 Cup of Cooked Beans to your daily intake for a Healthy Protein Boost of about 7 Grams . Legumes like Lentils are not only a cheap source of Protein but are also Fat free , High in fiber and rich in number of essential Nutrients.


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