Zucchini Jowar Roti IMG_2331 with Zucchini, Onions and Green Chillies.

Recipe for 6 Medium Roti’s .

Preparation and Cooking Time : 30 Minutes .



1. Jowar Flour – 1/2 Cup

2. Wheat Flour – Handful

3. Chickpea flour – 5 tbsp.

4. Zucchini – 1 Grated

5. Onion – Medium ( Chopped)

6. Green Chillies -2 ( Medium Spicy chopped)

7. Salt as Per taste

8. Warm Water accordingly 

9. Oil – 2 tbspfor frying roti’s

10 . Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

11. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

12. Ziplock Bag


1. Mix Jowar flour, Wheat flour , Chickpea flour, Grated Zucchini, Chopped Onions, Green Chillies , Salt , Cumin seeds with Warm Water .

2. Divide the dough into 6 Medium Balls .

3 . Cut the side of a Zip Lock Bag and Place the Dough Ball inside the Ziplock Bag and Press with fingers or USE  Round Based Bowl  and press on top of dough into a round size roti.

4. Heat a Non stick Pan and fry the Roti’s with Little Oil . Cook on a Medium Flame .


GOOD TO READ : IMG_2165 Source : Health Magazines

Jowar is High in Fiber compared to other Grains like Rice or Barley. Jowar is the Indian name for Sorghum a Cereal Grain native to Africa. It is cultivated in 99 countries in the World. Major Production share contributed by the African Countries . Second and Third Positions are Nigeria and India. 33 Percent is used as fodder and 58 percent of the total production is consumed as food for Human Beings.

                              Jowar also known as White Millet . Whole Jowar Kernels can be steamed , Boiled , Ground into flour or can be added to Soups and Stews and can also be used as a substitute for Whole Wheat Flour in Baked Goods.

Jowar is good for People trying to loose Weight . It is High in Fiber which lowers the risk of Obesity , diabetes , Cholestrol and digestive Problems. One Cup serving of Jowar contains 12 grams of Dietary Fiber which is 48 percent daily allowance of fiber for average adult as recommended by Food and Nutrition Board .

It is good source of Iron . You can increase the Iron you absorb from Jowar by eating it with source of Vitamin C .Without adequate Iron you may be more likely to develop Anemia.

Jowar contains tannins an agent found in the coating of the seeds in Dark Jowar Grains which Prevents the body from absorbing the Protein, Vitamins and Minerals . Remove the seed Coating of the Jowar prior to eating or Consume only Yellow or White Jowar which contains relatively low quantities of tannin.



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