Shahi Tukda IMG_2371with Pinapple Rabdi.IMG_2372

                    Rabri or Raddi is a popular sweet dessert in North, Central and Western India. It is prepared with Milk and Sugar . Milk is boiled for a long time till it reduces to half . Later it is flavored with Spices, Nuts and Sugar.  Shahi means royal and tukra or Tukda means Piece . I served Pineapple Rabdi with stuffed Bread . I’m sharing Quick Raddi recipe which doesn’t need reducing milk . Crumble paneer adds texture to milk without reducing and sweetned with Brown Sugar ( Jaggery) and flavored with Cardamom and Pineapple . Cool the Radi and add Pineapple. Instead of deep frying Bread and dipping in Sugar Syrup , I pan fried stuffed Bread until Golden Brown and doesn’t need to dip in Sugar syrup as the filling has some Brown sugar. This recipe with Pineapple falvor will soon be your family’s favorite especially for Pineapple lovers. Delicious blend of Pineapple with thick Rabdi and stuffed Shahi tukda , the end product is delicious and you will be satisfied with One.

Here is the recipe for Easy , Quick and rich dessert prepared in less than 30 minutes . 

Recipe for 4 People .

Preparation time : 15 Minutes .

Cooking Time : 5 + 10 Minutes .


1.Bread Slices -8 

                                 FOR FILLING BREAD SLICES : 1/2 Cup Grated Paneer , 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar , Chopped Nuts – 1/4 th Cup , Cardamom – 1 or 2

2. Grated Pineapple – 1/4 th Cup or accordingly


                 1.  Milk – 2 Glasses (16 Ounces)

                 2   . Grated Paneer – 3/4 th Cup

                 3. Bread slices – 2 ( Cut into Pieces , remove the crust)

                4. Brown Sugar – 1/2 Cup or according to your Sweetness

                5. Cardamom -3

                6. Finely Chopped Nuts – 1/4 th Cups ( Cashews , Almonds and Pistachios)



1. Bring Milk to Boil . When Milk is boiled add Grated Paneer and cook for 7 Minutes .

2. Stir in Between to avoid burning. Cook on a Medium High Flame .

3. After 7 Minutes Switch off the Flame and add Brown Sugar, Bread Slices, Cardamom , Chopped Nuts .

                  Check for Sweetness and add accordingly. Add GRATED PINEAPPLE to Rabdi.

Note : If you feel Rabdi is not thick , then Only add Bread slices . Just white Part not the Crust .

4. Cut the Bread slices into Circles with help of Coffee Lid  .

5. Mix 1/2 Cup Paneer with 1/4 th Cup Chopped Nuts and 2 tbsp. Brown Sugar.

6. Sprinkle some Water on Bread Slices . Keep the Paneer Mixtute on Bread Slices and Cover with another Bread Slice and Seal the Edges with wet fingers.

7. Pan fry the Stuffed Bread Slices with Little Ghee.

                             Fry until it is Brown on both Sides. Transfer to a Plate.

SERVE the PINEAPPLE Rabdi with Stuffed Bread .IMG_2371

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