IMG_2388Pickled IMG_2390Vegetable Vermicelli with  Roasted Whole Wheat Vermicelli is a One Pot Meal for Lunch / Dinner / Kids Lunch Box .Different recipe  from regular vermicelli recipe in taste and flavor .

Recipe for 2 to 3 People .

Preparation Time : 15 Minutes

Cooking Time : 15 Minutes


1. Roasted Whole Wheat Vermicelli – 1 Cup

2. Finely Chopped Cabbage – 1 Cup

3. Finely Chopped Vegetables – 1 Cup ( Green Peas, Corn , Carrot and Green Beans ) – 1 Cup

4. Potato – 1 Cup ( Chopped)

5.Roasted Peanuts – 1/4 th Cup or 2 Handfuls

6. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

7. Salt as Per taste

8. Oil – 2 tbsp.

9.Water – 2 Cups

10 . Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

            and PCKLED GREEN CHILLIES 

Lime Juice Pickle :

Add red chilli Powder, Coriander , Cumin Powder and Fenugreek Powder, Salt to Lime Juice . Heat Oil and add Cumin seeds , Mustard seeds, Curry Leaves , Broken Red chillies and a Pinch of Asafotedia. Cool the Seasoning and add to Lemon Juice.


1. Fry Whole Wheat Vermicelli with 1/2 tbsp. Oil and transfer  to a Bowl .Roast Peanuts.

2. In the Same Pan fry Cabbage , Vegetables and Potato with 1 tbsp. Oil and Cumin seeds . Once Vegetables are Half done add Water and Salt and bring to a boil . Check Water for Salt taste .

3. Now add Roasted Vermicelli .   Cover with Lid and Cook on Medium Flame . Stir in between to avoid burning.

4. Once Vermicelli is cooked remove the lid , add One more tbsp. Oil . Mix and Cook till it is dry and Fluffy ( takes about 5 Minutes ) .

5 Once dry add finely chopped Coriander Leaves .  Drizzle some Lime Juice Pickle .

                SERVE this Pickled Vegetable Vermcelli with Yogurt . Taste good even at room temperature.


The foods we Choose have a Powerful Impact on our body .

Nuts have Heart Healthy fats and Vitamins such as Vitamin E . Regular nut eaters are 35 percent less likely to have Heart Disease than Non Nut eaters.

Potatoes for Muscles . Potatoes are good source of Potassium . Potassium supports Healthy Muscle function and can help prevent Muscle Cramps and help build Muscle.

Carteroids are the active ingredients in Carrot which help protect against Sun damage and Wrinkles and good for Vision.

         Carbohydrates , Protein and Fats are three nutrients that contain Calories and are referred to as Macro nutrients . Which the body needs to give energy and Support the brain and Nervous system . Complex carbs ( Whole Grains ) are digested at a Slow Pace and give you lasting energy levels.



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