Sabudana (Tapioco) img_0028img_0029 for Lunch /Dinner with Tangy Spice Powder . Non fasting sabudana recipe .

          Today I’m sharing a Sabudana recipe which you can pack for Kids Lunch Box . Prepared with vegetables and Tangy spice Powder. It is a complete Meal and taste good at room temperature. I shared how to Soak and Cook Sabudana without getting soggy. My sabudana pearls look separated even after Microwaving for One minute. Enjoy this new variation of Sabudana . 

Recipe for 3 to 4 People . Preparation time : 10 Minutes Cooking Time :10 Minutes

Cooking TIPS :

1. Soak sabudana for 30 Minutes. Wash 3 to 4 times . Drain out all water . Leave in the refrigerator overnight . In the morning you will have nicely soaked and fluffy Sabudana .

2 . Once you cook vegetables , switch off the stove and then add Sabudana . They will turn transculent with the heat from the Pan and vegetables. After Couple of minutes transfer to another stove.


1. Sabudana – 1/2 Cup

2. Cooked Black eyed Beans – 1/2 Cup

3. Finely Chopped Cabbage – 1 Cup

4. Carrots – 1/2 Cup ( Grated or Chopped)

5. Finely Chopped Green Beans – 1/2 Cup

6.Green Peas – 1/4 th Cup

7. Corn – 1/4 Cup

8. Salt as per taste

9. Oil – 2 to 3 tbsp.

10. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

11. Roasted Peanuts – 1/2 th Cup ( Crushed ) 

SPICE POWDER :Channa Dal – 2 tbsp. ,   Black gram Dal – 2 tbsp. ,   Sesame seeds – 1 tbsp. ,  Red chilli Powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp. ,   Dry Coconut – 2 tbsp. ,  Jaggery – 1/2 tbsp. ,   Salt , Mustard seeds – 1/4 th tbsp. ,  Curry Leaves -3 ,  Tamarind – Marble size .

Dry roast Channa Dal , Black gram Dal , Sesame seeds and Mustard seeds .  Cool the Spices and grind with Tamarind , Jaggery , Red chilli Powder , Salt and Curry Leaves.

SOAKING TIP:img_0027

Wash Sabudana 3 to 4 times . Soak for 30 Minutes. Cover with enough Water.  After 30 Minutes again wash Sabudana for 3 to 4 times .  Drain all Water and leave in the refrigerator overnight .They will get soaked with the moisture .


1.Heat 2 tbsp Oil and sauté finely Chopped Cabbage , Green Peas, Corn , Finely Chopped Green Beans and  Carrots .  Don’t add any Salt . Saute uncovered so the Vegetables stay Crunchy . Stir in between .  Cook until Vegetables are nice and tender  . For 5 to 7 Minutes .

2. After 5 to 7 Minutes Switch off the stove and add Sabudana ,Cooked Beans and  Little Salt ,mix gently for Couple of Minutes .

3. Once the Sabudana is translucent Switch the Pan to another Stove and Sprinkle Tangy Spice Powder and One more tbsp. Oil . Mix Gently

4. Garnish with Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves .

5. Add roasted and Crushed Peanuts for Crunch.

                         TASTE good even at room temperature . The Pearls look separated even after MICROWAVING for one Minute.

Good to Read :IMG_2165 Source : HM

Sabudana is extremely low in fat and also low in Protein. As it is just  starch other than the Carbohydrates , nutrition wise Sabudana doesn’t contain any Minerals or Vitamins and has very low amounts of Calcium , Iron and Fiber. How ever you can make up by adding Vegetables , Beans and Nuts to make it a Complete Meal.

                        According to Indian Medicine Sago and Rice have a Cooling effect on the System , hence Sabudana ( Sago ) is given if you have excess bile ( Caused by excess Body Heat) and easy to digest . As it is full of starch or Carbohydrates and is great for quick boost of energy and hence often served in India for Breakfast fasts during religious festivals.

                           Beans are Heart Healthy because they contain abundance of Soluble fiber which can lower Cholestrol . Scientists recommend that adults consume 3 Cups of Beans per Week to promote Health and reduce the risk of Chronic Diseases. Beans are the least expensive source of Protein and can be incorporated into Main dish , Side Dish , Appetizer , Soups or Snacks( Dip) .

It is  easy to be Creative when you have them in your Pantry . Take advantage of their various shapes, sizes and colors when planning Meals.

One cup of Boiled String Beans or Green Beans contains about 13 percent of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C.

Cabbage – It is a good addition to a Well Balanced Meal Plan. Fresh dark Green Leafy cabbage is incredibly nutritious , but very low in fat and Calories . 100 grams of leaves provide just 25 Calories.

Peanuts are good source of Vitamin E . Deficiency in Vitamin E can lead to brittle and weak hair which can easily break . Including proper level of vitamin E in your diet ensures that the hair roots receive a rich supply of Hair Healthy Vitamins to keep them strong and Healthy.




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