Sweet Paratha ( Halwa Paratha )  KIDS LUNCH BOX IDEA / DESSERT with Dates or Raisins or Brown Sugar ( Jaggery) or Combination of Dates and Jaggery or Raisins and Jaggery IMG_2363

Halwa Poori is a traditional Old age recipe prepared with Halwa ( a Semolina dish Sweetned with Sooji , Brown Sugar , Nuts , Ghee and Water ) and Stuffed inside a Wheat flour dough and Deep Fried. Instead of deep frying I Pan fried like Paratha . In some parts of India Halwa is served with Puffed Bread’s or Poori’s . This is a traditional dish which my Mom makes and Pack for our Lunch Box or during Festival season as Dessert with Some Rice dishes  and tastes best on its Own .

Here is the Recipe . If you try out My recipe please leave a Comment .


1. Sooji or Fine Wheat rava or Roasted Upma Mix( Wheat) – 1 Cup

2. Water – 3 Cups

3. Brown Sugar or Jaggery – 1/2 Cup or accordingly or Grind 1/2 cup dates or Combination of Dates and Jaggery or Combination of Raisins and Jaggery .

4 . Ghee – 2 tbsp.

5. Cardamom – 4

6. Nuts – 1/2 Cup ( Almonds , Cashews , Pistachios ) powdered  .


1. Heat 1 tbsp. Ghee  in a Sauce Pan and roast SOOJI till light Brown . Transfer to a Bowl .

 2. In  the same Sauce Pan add 3 Cups Water and Brown Sugar or Jaggery or DATES paste or Combination of Dates paste and Jaggery or Combination of Raisins paste and Jaggery  , Cardamom and bring to boil . Once water comes to Boil check Water for Sweetness and adjust .

3. Now slowly add Sooji and Nuts powder stirring Continuously to avoid lumps . Cook on a medium flame .

4. When the Halwa starts to thicken add One more tbsp. Ghee . Mix well and Switch off the Stove .

5. Allow the HALWA to Cool. Divide the Halwa into 12 equal portions and roll like Balls.IMG_2359

PARATHA : Wheat Flour – 2 Cups, Milk – 4 Ounces , Water accordingly , Oil – tbsp. , Salt . Mix the Ingredients and make a dough . Refrigerate Overnight or leave for half hour on Kitchen counter or refrigerator .

METHOD: 1. Take the Paratha dough . knead  and make balls.

2. Roll the dough into Circle.  Place the Halwa Ball in the center of the  rolled  Paratha .IMG_2361

3. Bring the sides of the rolled Paratha and Seal it . Press , Sprinkle some flour and roll again into thick Paratha ( Make sure the Halwa is spread evenly when rolling) . IMG_23624. Heat Pan and fry the Paratha on both sides till Golden Brown ( You can apply Oil or Ghee on both sides while frying ) IMG_2360SERVE WARM



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