IQUCIK Morning Breakfast for Kids img_0307Breakfast Patties or Sandwich Patties.

Eating balanced breakfast will ensure your body function normally throughout the day. For Healthy development and growth of Kids they need a balance diet which includes Complex Carbohydrates , Good fats , Protein , Fruits and Vegetables .

In today’s recipe Breakfast patties , they are 5 main Ingredients Mixed beans, Spinach , Potato , Bell Peppers , Red rice poha( Flattened rice ) and Barley . This is the first time I have used Barley in breakfast recipes. One of the grains with great Health Benefits and whole grains are important source of Dietary Fiber. Barley is high in fiber and lowers Cholestrol  and can be used in Soups , Stews and Breakfast recipes. The interesting thing that I learned about Barley is that the fiber provides food for the beneficial bacteria in large intestine and crowd out disease causing bacteria and helps in strong Healthy digestive tract . Vitamin C content is very high which strengthens immune system and reduces the chance of Cold and Flu.

Protein is essential in a child’s diet whose bodies are still developing and the requirement will be determined by their age and weight .Make Protein part of every meal because it is not stored like fat beginning with Breakfast .It takes longer to digest and keep them fuller. Even distribution of protein throughout the day is linked to Chronic disease prevention , Bone Health and keep Muscles strong.

Red rice is the special variety of rice found mostly in the Southern eastern Coastal regions of South America . High in fiber because of barn and good Source of Vitamin B6. Completely fat free and help you decrease  the desire to eat and may cause you to feel fuller for really longer time.

Cooking Spinach actually increases its Health Benefits because the body cannot completely break down the nutrients in raw Spinach . Good for digestion and protects the mucus lining of the stomach , so that you can stay free from Ulcers . Cooked Spinach is more nutritious than raw Spinach and it flushes out toxins from Colon . There is a Compound in Spinach called Oxalic acid which breaks the absorption of Calcium and Iron. An easy way to solve the problem is to pair Spinach with food high in Vitamin C like Bell Peppers . Another way to reduce the Power of Oxalic acid is to boil the Spinach leaves for at least 2 Minutes .

Potatoes are excellent source of Vitamin B6 a vitamin which is essential for the formation of almost every new cell in the body. Potatoes are incredibly Healthy food with Vitamins and Minerals .Potatoes are fat free when Cooked or Baked ( Not fried) and packed with dietary fiber. The fiber in Potatoes is mostly in their skin . So don’t peel and consume with both skin and flesh .

Source : Health magazines .

Recipe for 12 Patties . img_0304

Preparation time : 15 Minutes ( Prepare  Night Before  as shown in the Picture and refrigerate ) img_0302

Cooking Time : 10 Minutes ( Morning)img_0308


1. Mixed Beans ( Chickpeas , Black eyed Beans , Navy Beans and Yellow Peas)  –  1/2 Cup raw or 1 Cup ( Cooked)

2. Barley –  2 Handfuls ( cook with Beans) 

3. Potatoes – 3 ( Boiled)

4. Red rice Poha – 1/4 th Cup

5. Spinach – 2 Handfuls ( Chopped) 

6. Color Bell Peppers – 1/2 Cup ( Chopped)

7. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp.

8. Salt as per taste

9. Ajwain – 1/2 tbsp.

10 . Green Chillies -2

11. Oil – 2 tbsp. for frying Patties

METHOD :img_0302

1. Soak Mixed beans and Barley  overnight  or during day for 5 to 6 hours . Pressure Cook in the Morning with little water and Potatoes . Once Pressure Comes down transfer Beans to a Bowl . Cool them and grind with 2  Green Chillies .  As shown in the Picture store Mixed Beans , Chopped Spinach , Chopped Bell Peppers ,  red rice Poha , Boiled and Mashed Potato .

2 .  Morning  Mix everything with little salt , Ajwain , Curry powder . Check for salt and adjust .img_0301

3. Divide into 12 equal Portions . Grease your hand with little Oil and shape them into Balls and Flatten them into Patties .img_0308

4. Heat pan and Grease with Oil and Panfry  6 Patties depending on the size of your Pan . img_0309For 4 to 5 Minutes on each side till Golden Brown . Cook on Medium flame. 

5. SERVE them for Breakfast or Snack or Sandwich Patties .


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