Barley Salad . img_0382Salad for Lunch with Light Dressing ( Complete Meal)

Sometimes I like to eat just Salad for Lunch with Grains , Protein , vegetables , Light and tasty dressing which is filling and delicious at the same time. Today’s Salad recipe is different from other Salad recipes I have shared because of the Wonder Grain Barley . It is a wonderful versatile grain with Chewy texture like Pasta and  taste delicious  in Soups , Stews and Salads . It is healthy , nutritious with lots of fiber. Fiber in Barley provides food for the beneficial bacteria in large intestine and crowd out disease causing bacteria in large intestine and helps in Healthy digestive tract . Barley comes in two forms Hulled and Pearl . Hulled Barley is considered as Whole grain which has tough inedible outer most hull removed but still retains its Bran and endosperm layer. Pearl Barley has been polished to remove Bran and less chewy , Cooks faster and is not considered as Whole Grain . This Salad is perfect for Holiday feasts. Gorgeous combination on your plate with protein veggie packed salad keeps you full satisfied and filled with nutritional goodness.

I also added Chickpeas for Protein instead of Cheese and Vegetables for Fiber . I like Cucumber in Salads which has 96 percent Water content and helps in keeping the body hydrated and regulates Body temperature. I whisked up light dressing with Orange Juice , Mustard , Honey and Seasoned with Salt which brings flavor and enhances the tastes of food.

                 When it comes to Black pepper , I love the light spicy taste of freshly grounded Black Pepper in Soups , Salads , rice dishes and with lentils .It not only brings flavor and taste to food but gives a spicy bite and it is a basic ingredient in my Salad recipes .Honey can be a natural cure when it comes to Pesky Colds and Cough . According to 2012 study published in Pediatric Journal a persistent Cough that wont go away can easily remedied with Honey . The Golden liquid thick Consistency helps Coat the throat and the Sweet taste is believed not  to trigger never ending Cough.

Mustard the Condiment was originally prepared by making the ground seeds into a Paste . You have to try this Orange Honey Mustard dressing with little Spicy from mustard and sweet taste from Golden Honey which has a good balance of Sweet and acidic from Orange juice. Add freshly grounded Italian seasoning before you serve is a combination of Oregano , Basil , Marjoram , thyme , Parsley  and rosemary can add extra flavor , taste and promotes Healthy digestion.       Source :  HM

                  . This SALAD is perfect for any meal . GORGEOUS combination on your plate with Protein Veggie packed salad keeps you full , satisfied and filled with nutritional goodness. 

Recipe for 2 People .

Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 Minutes


1. Barley – 1/2 Cup ( Cooked)

2. Chickpeas – 1 Cup ( Cooked) or Cooked green peas 

3. Salad Cucumber – 1 and Grated Carrot 

4. Roma tomato( 1)  or Cherry tomato’s – 10 ( Halved)

5. Pearl Onions – 7 ( Minced)

6. Bell Peppers – 1/4 th Cup

7. Cabbage – 1/2 Cup ( Chopped)

8. Pickled Green Chillies or Regular – 2

9. Fresh Mint – 3 tbsp.

10 . Finely Chopped Coriander leaves 

 ORANGE HONEY MUSTARD  DRESSING : Whisk together 1/4 th Cup Orange juice with  1 tbsp. Mustard ,  2 tbsp. Honey and Season with Salt and Freshly grounded Black Pepper .

11. Italian Seasoning – 1 tbsp.

METHOD :img_0380

1. Soak Chickpeas and Barley Overnight . Wash before and after Soaking and Pressure Cook with 1/4 th glass water and little Salt for 3 Whistles . When Pressure Comes down transfer Chickpeas and Barley to a Bowl . ( No water will be left to drain out.) . Cool them before combining with Vegetables and dressing.

2.  Combine Salad Cucumber , minced Pearl Onions , Cabbage , tomatoes , Bell Pepper , Green Chillies , Mint and CORIANDER Leaves in a Bowl . Add Cooked Barley and Chickpeas too .

   3. Toss the Salad with dressing. Check for the Seasoning and adjust accordingly . Finally season with freshly grounded Italian Seasoning.

Enjoy it for Lunch / Dinner as a Complete Meal.



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