Okra with Mango,img_0403 Coconut and Spices . Serve with STEAMED RICE or INDIAN BREAD ( Phulka or Plain Paratha ) , RASAM , PAPAD and PICKLE .

         Okra is an Old vegetable that made its first appearance about 3500 years ago and is known as lady’s finger. This exotic vegetable has many Health Benefits along with Vitamins , the antioxidants in Okra can trigger a process in the Cancer cells which reduce their size and activity , limiting their spread in the body. okra is called a super food for people with or at risk for diabetes and Cancer . The fiber contained by this vegetable are Soluble and insoluble meaning they enhance the digestion supporting the liver and Kidneys.

                    Okra is pretty Versatile and can be used in Stews, Stuffed , Pickled , Yogurt based curries and Stir fries. Today recipe I’m sharing is Okra with Mango and Coconut. Okra has a texture problem because it is Slimy . The best way to enjoy is fry in a Wide Pan with Minimum Oil till GOLDEN BROWN . I shared in the Procedure how to cook Okra . I added mango to the recipe as mangoes are in Season . Grated raw mango adds Sweet and Sour taste , nice aroma from Curry powder , Sweetness from Coconut and little Spice from Green chillies is a lovely combination. I think you are going to love the Combination of Mango with Okra which is Healthy, Satisfying , not Spicy perfect sour ness from Mango and Sweetness from Coconut. The end result is a Super simple Okra curry that will Please your family.You are going to love this Curry .

Recipe for 3 to 4 People .


Preparation time : 15 Minutes ( Day Before)

                Cut Okra , Grind Mango Coarsely and mix with little Salt and Turmeric, Grind Coconut with Green Chillies and salt , REFRIGERATE .

Grind Spice Powder .

Cooking Time : 15 Minutes ( Next Day) Put  everything together.


1. Okra – 10 Handfuls ( Cut in One Inch Pieces)

2. Mango Pieces – 1/2 Cup ( Grated or grind Coarsely)

3. Dry Coconut or Fresh Coconut – 1/4 th Cup

4. Green Chillies – 2 to 3 accordingly

5. Salt to taste

6. Oil – 4 tbsp.

7. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

8. Curry Powder – 1tbsp ( Blend of Red chilli Powder – 1 tbsp. , Cumin and Coriander Powder – 1/2 tbsp. each , Garlic cloves – 2 , Coriander leaves )

9. Turmeric powder

10 . Finely chopped Coriander Leaves and Curry Leaves – 5

11. ROASTED CASHEWS or Roasted Peanuts – 1/4 th Cup


1. Wash okra and cut into 1/2 inch Pieces . Heat 2 tbsp. Oil and add Cumin seeds, Turmeric  and Curry Leaves . Add cut Okra . Mix gently . Cover with lid and cook for 5 Minutes . Don’t add any Salt .

2. After 5 Minutes remove lid and add 2 more tbsp. Oil , Mix gently and Cover with lid half open and fry Okra ( Bhindi )till Brown . Cook on Medium High flame . Use wide Pan to cook.

3. Grind Mango Pieces Coarsely .

4. Grind Coconut , Green Chillies and Salt .

5. Grind Spice Powder .

6. Once Okra is Brown switch off the stove and  Season with Salt , add Coarsely grinded Mango , Coconut Mixture , Curry Powder and Garnish with finely Chopped Coriander Leaves . Check for Salt and adjust .

ADD Roasted Cashews or Peanuts before Serving.

SERVE with STEAMED RICE or INDIAN BREAD ( Phulka or Plain Paratha) with Rasam , Papad and Pickle .



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