Amaranth Leaves  or Spinach Vada af8c47b5-766e-4c6e-b7c3-d3a85a65ec0eand stuffed Green Chilli Vada. Non spicy green Chillies or Banana Peppers. Kid friendly recipes .img_0824

                     Medu Vada is a Popular South Indian Breakfast or Snack served with Kheer or Tea or Coffee. Every family has its own recipe for Medu Vada . Amaranth leaves vada recipe I’m sharing today is prepared with One lentil . This Vada is same as Masala vada except some minimal changes. The Leaves add flavor and crispness . The amount of leaves and stems depends on how much greens you want in your Vada. Mix with some veggies and Spices. Soak Overnight or at least 3 to 4 hours and grind to smooth batter with few table spoons of water so they will absorb less Oil . Wash Leaves and stems 4 to 5 times and dry on a paper towel. I even shared one NEW RECIPE Stuffed Green Chilli VADA.

I have memories when ever I Prepare vada for my family.  I shared in my  earlier posts it is our weekend lunch with Sevai Kheer. My mother use to prepare different variety of Vada’s . There is no diet restriction as I came from a place where weather is warm throughout the year . I use to play with my brother and his friends and burn all calories . I have a small garden in my backyard where my sister and I take care  of vegetable Plants and all kinds of Leafy vegetables. I like gardening and home cook food with fresh produce. I remember picking Green chillies to eat along with dinner. As kids we use to feel excited when ever a flower blooms , count leaves on Coriander and mint plants. Measuring how tall they have grown , pulling weeds and watering.  GOOD OLD MEMORIES. Now my Kids has a small garden on our Porch . They too are excited like me to water and see them grow . Do try the recipes I shared . They are simple and tasty tea time snack or for Weekend Lunch.

RECIPE for 22 Vada ‘s and 6 Stuffed Green chilli Vada .

1. Urad Dal – 2 Cups

2. Onion – 1 ( chopped)

3. Green Chillies – 2 to 3 ( Mild Spicy)

4. Ginger – Small Piece

5. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

6. Amaranth Leaves with thin stems ( Wash 4 to 5 times and dry on a Paper towel) or Spinach. – 7 Handfuls

7. Oil for shallow frying

8. Salt

METHOD : img_0820

  1. Soak Urad dal Overnight or for 3 to 4 Hours . Wash before and after Soaking. Drain Water and grind with Green Chillies , Salt and Cumin seeds . You can add few Spoons of Water while grinding. Grind Dal to a smooth Batter.

2. To the Batter add Chopped Onions, Amaranth leaves and thin stems or Finely chopped spinach , Ginger and Green Chillies ( Optional as we have grinded with Batter.) . Mix the Batter along with Chopped Vegetables . Check for Salt and adjust accordingly .

3. Heat Oil for Shallow frying.

4. Take a portion of Batter and shape like a ball and flatten on a Ziplock bag with Wet fingers.

5. When the Oil is warm enough slowly slid the Vada into the Oil . Cook on a Medium or Medium High flame . So it will be cooked inside with Crispy Outer covering. Don’t over crowd with too many vada’s . 

6. When it turns golden brown on both sides transfer to a plate covered with Paper towel to drain excess Oil . SERVE with SEVAI KHEER.

RECIPE FOR STUFFED GREEN CHILLI: 3 Big Green Chillies .img_0819

1. Wash Green chillies and dry with a Paper towel . Cut them into Half .

2. For Stuffing : Mix Chickpea flour  with Salt, Red chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Cumin Powder , Ajwain , Lime Juice or Tamarind juice  . Mix well . Stuff green Chillies with filling.

3. Use the Urad dal Batter as Outer Covering.Cut the sides of a Ziplock Bag and Spread urad dal batter on Ziplock with Wet fingers. Place the stuffed Green Chilli on the Batter and cover from all sides . 

4.  When the Oil is warm enough slowly slide the Green Chilli vada . Cook on Medium High flame until light Brown  .

SERVE Stuffed Green Chillies with Onion and Lime.



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