Salad for Lunch img_1021Wheat Berry Salad with Fruit dressing.

Wheat Berry is an entire Kernel composed of bran , germ and endosperm. All wheat products such as Wheat flour are made from Wheat Berries. Wheat Berries are chewy in texture, Sweet and Nutty in taste. It holds shape even after Cooking. For fast cooking Soak Wheat Berries and Black eyed Beans whole night and Pressure cook . Once cooked you can refrigerate and add to your Salads, soups and enjoy as a meal by adding some vegetables and Beans. Dried Wheat berries can last for many years if stored in air tight container and in cool dark place. Wheat Berries are full of fiber , Protein , Vitamins and nutrients such as Iron , Calcium , Vitamin B , folate and Potassium. If you want to stay strong and Healthy and want to get more nutrition choose Organic. Organic foods help to increase the nutrient intake of people who don’t eat the recommended 5 serving of fruits and Vegetables a day.Source: HM.

Wheat Berry salad is a tasty and nutritional food choice.

Recipe for 2 People .


1. Wheat Berries – 1/4 th Cup

2. Black Eyed Peas- 1/4 th Cup Dry

3. Salad Cucumber – 1/2 Cup ( Chopped)

4. Chopped  Red Onion – 1/4 th Cup or Shallots

5. Green Bell Pepper or any other Colored Peppers – 1/4 th Cup

6.  Roma Tomatoes – 1 /2 Cup Diced

7. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

8. Salt to taste

9. Italain Seasoning – 1 tbsp.

10 . Juice of Lime – 1/2

11. Freshly ground Black Pepper

12.Sliced grapes – 1/2 cup and  Crushed Grapes – 1/2 Cup

13. Dijon Mustard 

14. Oil – 2 tbsp.


1. Soak Wheat Berries and Black eyed Beans Overnight . Wash 3 to4 times and Pressure cook with little Salt and water for 2 to 3 Whistles. Once Pressure comes down , drain out water if any left and cool before mixing with Vegetables.

2. For dressing mix Half Juice of Lime with little Salt , Oil ,  Freshly grounded Black Pepper,  Dijon Mustard , Chopped Coriander leaves , Crushed Grapes and Italian Seasoning .

3. In a bowl  mix Wheat Berries, Black eyed Beans  with Onions, Bell Pepper , Tomatoes, Salad Cucumber,  sliced Grapes and Dressing. Check for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

NOTE : You can add Pickled Green Chillies  and Roasted Cumin Powder  for Extra flavor and taste.



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