Vegetarian Pasta Omelette .img_1251 Kids Lunch Box / Kids Summer Lunch/ Holiday Lunch

Recipe for 2 People .

Preparation time : 15 Minutes ( Day Before ) Cooking time : 5 Minutes ( Next day)


1. Cook Pasta in Pressure Cooker or Microwave  with water , Little Salt for 2 Whistles on medium High flame . Drain out all water . Cool and refrigerate .

2. Chop Vegetables and refrigerate .

3. Mix flours with Spices .


1. Cooked Whole grain Pasta – 1/2 Cup in Pressure Cooker or in Microwave .

2. Chickpea flour – 1/4 th Cup

3 . Rice flour – 1/4 th Cup

4. Water – 1/2 Cup

5. Onions – 1/4 th Cup ( Finely Chopped )

6. Grated Carrots – 1/4 th cup

7. Spinach – Handful ( Chopped)

8. Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder – 1/2 tbsp. or Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp.

9. Finely Chopped Coriander leaves .

10 Oil – 1 to 2 tbsp. and Salt .

METHOD : de0491df-b212-4442-8060-6c1542a55420

1. Mix Chickpea flour, rice flour with Salt , red chilli Powder , Coriander and cumin Powder or Curry Powder.

2. Add Chopped Onions, Spinach , Grated Carrot  and Finely Chopped Coriander.

3. Add water Slowly and batter must be thick . Check for salt and adjust accordingly . Now add Pasta and Mix .

4. Heat a skillet with little oil and pour Pasta mixture. Use a spoon to even on top . Drizzle Oil on the edges to crisp up the Omelette . Cook on a Medium flame .

5. Cook until it is golden brown on both sides .

SERVE warm or at Room temperature.

Good to read :img_1252Source : HM

We need food and drink to stay alive. Our bodies need nutrients that are provided in macro amounts carbohydrates, protein and fats and as well as essential nutrients in micro amounts like vitamins, minerals and special plant nutrients. For growing children we can eliminate unhealthy Carbohydrates but removing Carbohydrates is not advisable. All carbohydrates provides Calories . The best carbohydrate choices provides not only energy but Vitamins , Minerals and fiber like whole grain bread, Pasta, Potato , Brown rice , Whole fruit , Peas and Beans. Carbohydrates are a diverse nutrient group to fuel active brains and growing muscles .Milk is a healthy drink with naturally occurring form of carbohydrates called Lactose. Whole grains over refined grains, fruit instead of fruit juices plus vegetables makes children goal for fiber an easy target .

Today I have shared an easy  Summer Lunch for kids which you can cook in less time if you do preparation ahead of time. This is a new way of using Pasta in everyday Cooking. Just made with Couple of flours, cooked Pasta , Vegetables and spices. I hope you like the recipe.



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