Breakfast in 10 Minutes . img_0589-1Spiced Baby Potatoes and Yogurt Pancakes . Served with fruit  and Yogurt.

It will be hectic to do all Preparation in the morning . Here are 2 recipe ideas which you can prepare ahead of time and refrigerate and it will save plenty of time in the morning. These breakfast recipes will soon become your family favorite and will find a place in your  Breakfast recipe book. Potatoes contain 17 percent starch and it is one of the best natural sources of starch and are healthier when baked rather than deep fried . If you eat in moderation the carbohydrates and calories from  potatoes are not bad. Certain types of potatoes like red potato and russet potato contain high levels of flavonoid antioxidants which protects against some diseases. Most of the nutrients in a potato are just beneath its skin . If you eat the skin along with the potato you will get all the nutrients. Source : Health Magazines.

Preparation day before :

                                Cook Baby Potatoes in Microwave for 2 to 3 Minutes . Cool them and with help of round bowl press on Baby Potatoes to make them thin and flat .  Refrigerate .  Prepare the spice Powder. Mix 2 tbsp. Chickpea flour , 2 tbsp. Rice flour with little Red chilli Powder, Coriander and Cumin Powder , Ajwain and Salt .                Store in a Box . 

    NEXT Day Morning:

                         Next day morning Pan fry the Baby Potatoes until Brown and sprinkle the Spice Powder and fry for couple of minutes and the Baby Potatoes are ready to serve.


 PREPARATION Day Before : Soak 1  Cup Urad dal , 1/2 Cup Channa Dal and 1 Cup Brown Basamti Rice  for 2 to 3 Hours. After 3 hours wash the Dals and rice. Grind with little Salt and enough Water . The Batter must be thick.

                To One cup of Dosa Batter add 2 tbsp. Yogurt(Curd) , 2 tbsp. Wheat flour, 1/4 th Cup Chopped Onions , 1/4 th Cup Bell Pepper and finely chopped Coriander leaves . Mix well .

Leave in the refrigerator Overnight.


Heat Pan on Medium to Medium High flame . Pour 2 tbsp. batter for each pancake . Brown on both sides . Cook Baby Potatoes and Yogurt Pancakes together.

SERVEimg_0587-1 Spiced Baby Potatoes and Yogurt Pancakes with Fruit and Yogurt.




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