Green Vegetable Pancakes .img_1671 Kids Lunch Box / Breakfast

Today I’m sharing a Simple Lunchbox / Breakfast recipe which  you an Cook in less than 10 minutes( 7 to 8 pancakes ) . These savory Pancakes  are Crispy , light and keep them full for longer time. Children need to eat every 3 to 4 hours three meals , 2 snacks and fluids . A good Lunch/ Breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy but a Balanced meal with Carbs, Protein, fat and fiber from vegetables. These veggies not only add color, texture and flavor but make your meal Healthier. They help improve intestinal Health, immunity and nutrient absorption. Vegetables not only detoxify but help with several disease fighting benefits.  If your kids won’t eat Vegetables try to sneak in pancakes by grating or chopping finely . Involve children in picking Vegetables when you go to Grocery shopping or Farmer’s market. Allow Older kids to chop veggies, mixing and flipping. They always like to eat once they are done. These Pancakes can be cooked with less Oil if you are Calories conscious . But we need Fat in our diet. Oils and fats are important for Balanced and Healthy diet. Fat fills your fat cells and helps to keep body warm. During exercise our body uses Carbohydrates and later use the fat to keep going when food is no longer available. Need  minimum fat for Overall Health . Source : HM.

Recipe for 22 to 24 Medium Pancakes .

Preparation time : 10 Minutes ( Chopping or Grating vegetables ) Cooking time : 10 Minutes for 7 to 8 Pancakes .


1. Chickpea flour – 1 cup

2. Rice flour – 1 cup

3. Jowar flour – 1/2 Cup

4. Ajwain – 1/4 th tbsp.

5. Salt

6. Curry Powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp. ( Blend of Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and Coriander leaves with stems)

7. Oil – 2 tbsp.

8. Garlic – 2 grated

9. Ginger – 2 tbsp. ( Grated)

10. Water – accordingly

11. VEGETABLES – Zucchini – 1 ( Chopped) , Green Cabbage – 1 cup ( Finely chopped) , Onion – 1/2 cup ( Finely chopped) , coriander – 2 handfuls ( Finely chopped) , Green Bell Pepper – 1/2 cup ( Finely Chopped), Grated Carrot

METHOD :img_1670

1. Mix all the flours in a bowl with little Salt , Curry Powder and Ajwain . In a separate bowl mix finely Chopped Zucchini, Onions , Cabbage , Finely chopped Coriander and Bell Pepper, Grated Ginger and Grated Garlic. img_1674 Now add the flour to Vegetables bowl and Mix . Add Water slowly and mix well . The Batter must be thick . Check for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

2. Heat a  wide Non stick panimg_1673 over medium heat and brush with Oil .

3. Wet your fingers and scoop some batter and shape like a pancake and place in the warm Skillet or Pan .  Repeat the same process with the rest of Pancakes Drizzle Oil over the edges to crisp up . You can prepare 7 to 8 Pancakes if the Pan is wide enough.

4. Cover the lid and cook for 3 minutes on each side . img_1672After 5 to 6 minutes uncover and fry till Golden brown ( It will take 3 more minutes) .

5. Once done transfer them to a Plate and allow to Cool slightly before you serve.

SERVE with Ketchup for Breakfast .img_1670 If you Pack for Lunch Box Pack with Salad Cucumber and Tomato Slices.



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