Black eyed Beans img_2082with Green Leafy Vegetables . Some recipes like Vada need Shallow frying for Ultimate taste .

Recipe for 24 Medium Vada’s .

Preparation time : 15 Minutes and Cooking time : 15 minutes .

Black eyed Beans ( Lobiya) vada is a Popular Breakfast / Snack recipe which is deep fried ( I shallow fried with enough Oil) . My recipe is a combination of Black eyed and Yellow Moong Dal . For more nutrition I added Green leafy vegetables and for a spicy bite I grinded with Mild Spicy green chillies and Ginger which aids in digestion , Garlic for flavor. Adding Chickpea flour and Rice  flour helps in less absorption of Oil . Add chopped Spinach , Onions and Coriander before Preparing Vada’s .  So it won’t release any water . One cup Oil is sufficient for shallow frying Vada’s . They taste good for Next day . So you can just warm in the Morning and pack for KIDS LUNCH BOX . Cook on Medium/ Medium high flame so they will cook inside and Crispy Outside . Black eyed Beans Or Black eyed Peas or lobiya , Bobbarlu , Karamani is a legume , a subspecies of the Cowpea grown around the world. Helps in weight loss because they are low in Calories . Contains 8 grams of fiber which is nearly 22 percent of the recommended daily amount. One cup cooked Black eyed Peas has 160 Calories and negligible fat . Low in fat , Cholesterol and an excellent source of essential nutrient such as  zinc. Good source of soluble fiber which helps prevent type 2 Diabetes by keeping blood sugar balanced after you eat. Source : Health Magazines .

                          An unusual combination of Ingredients make a delicious Weekend meal . Time to relax and Indulge . Good combination is Kheer . They two go really well together. No cooking on Monday for Kids Lunch Box. Left overs or Cook extra to Pack  for Kids Lunch Box. Just warm for 30 seconds before packing.  Simple recipe with few Ingredients and taste good on their own .Doesn’t need any dip or Chutney . 


1. Black eyed Beans ( Lobiya)  – 1/2 Cup ( raw)

2. Yellow Moong Dal – 1 Cup ( raw)

3. Chickpea flour – 1/4 th Cup ( Measuring Cup)

4. Rice flour – 1/4 th Cup

5. Ajwain – 1/2 to 1 tbsp.

6. Curry powder – 1 tbsp. ( Blend of Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin powder , Garlic Cloves and Coriander leaves with stems) 

7.  Onion – 1 ( Chopped)

8. Spinach – 4 to 5 handfuls ( finely chopped)

 9. Finely chopped Coriander leaves 

10 . Green Chillies – 2 to 3

11. Ginger – Small Piece

12 . Garlic Cloves – 3

13 . Oil for shallow frying – 1 Cup ( Measuring Cup )

METHOD :cd4f61c1-1333-482a-9bbd-ae5ee747a417

1. Soak Black eyed Beans with Yellow Moong Dal overnight . Wash 3 to 4 times before grinding. Drain out all Water . Grind in 2 to 3 Batches without Water . With little Salt , Green Chillies , Ginger , Garlic and Cumin seeds .

2. Transfer to a Bowl . To this Batter add Chickpea flour , Rice flour , Chopped Spinach , Finely Chopped Coriander leaves , Chopped Onions , Ajwain , Curry Powder . Mix well. Check for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

3. Heat 1 cup Oilimg_2084 for shallow frying. When the Oil is warm enough ,Wet your fingers and Scoop small portion of the Batter , flatten it and drop slowly in the oil .

4. Cook on Medium / Medium flameimg_2080till light Brown on both sides .

5. Transfer to Plate lined with Paper towel , so it will absorb excess Oil .

SERVEimg_2081 for Breakfast / Lunch / Kids Lunch Box .


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