img_2389Instant Cabbage Idli with 3 main Ingredients . Taste good without any dip or Chutney or Serve with Mango pickle .

Every morning I normally start with a South Indian Breakfast like Idli , Dosa or  Uttapam . We like Idli for any meal which is steamed and filling up to next meal. No need to munch on Snacks in between . Sometimes I like to try Instant Idli with different flours and vegetables . That’s how I came up with this Instant Cabbage idli with 3 Main ingredients ( Rice flour , Yellow Moong Dal and Cabbage) and Spices . I like the taste of rice when steamed which is sweet and chewy .

              Moong dal is perfect for 13 minutes steaming when Soaked and Cabbage for fiber with 25 Calories per cup and rich in anti oxidants and essential vitamins. According to American Diabetes Association Cabbage falls under the Category ” Non Starchy Vegetables and is low in GI” .  I added Green chillies and GINGER which aids in digestion and for little Spice and flavor .You can use BROWN RICE FLOUR instead  of White rice flour .

                            For Diabetics when they eat food low in GI their  Sugar levels stay lower. Carbohydrates are the main energy source  and first source of energy  and a nutrient our body needs . Moong Dal is native to India. In India Dal is the word for lentils and also known as Split Mung Beans .They are high in fiber , filling food and help control hunger. Cabbage belongs to Cruciferous vegetable group . It contains Phyto chemicals called indoles which gives cabbage that strong taste but protects us from diseases. This recipe doesn’t need SOAKING and GRINDING  and need 10 minutes Prepration time and 13 minutes Steaming time. Doesn’t need any DIP or CHUTNEY but taste good when Served with MANGO PICKLE . If you want to serve for LUNCH / DINNER , Serve with SALAD and YOGURT or MILK . Source : HM

NOTE : I added 3  cups ( MEASURING CUP ) finely chopped Cabbage which is sufficient with rest of the Ingredients and binds it all together.

Recipe for 12 medium Idli’s .

Preparation time : 10 Minutes and Steaming time : 13 minutes .


1. Rice flour – 1 Cup ( Measuring cup ) Store bought Rice flour

2. Yellow Moong Dal – 1/2 cup( Measuring Cup)  

3. Finely Chopped Cabbage – 3 Cups ( Measuring Cups) 

4. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp.

5. Oil – 2 tbsp. and 1/2 tbsp. for greasing Idli Plates .

6. Green Chillies – 2 to 3 ( Mild spicy , Chopped) or Green chilli paste

7. Ginger – 3 tbsp. ( Chopped) or Grated ginger .

8.Water – 1/2 Cup or 4 Ounces

METHOD : f68de1b5-44a7-44aa-9258-01761e07ffd7

1. Soak Yellow Moong Dal for 30 minutes . Wash before and after Soaking.

2. Mix Rice flour , Soaked Moong Dal , Chopped Cabbage , Cumin seeds, Salt , 2 tbsp. Oil , Chopped green Chillies or Green chilli paste , grated ginger with Sufficient Water . The dough should look as shown in the Picture. I used store Bought RICE FLOUR . img_0228

3. Grease Idli Plates with Oil .

4. Divide the dough into 12 equal portions . Grease your hands with little Oil and shape them into balls .

5. Place the balls on the Idli  Mould’s img_2386and flatten them . Make a hole in the middle so they will be cooked evenly

. 6. Fill the pressure cooker with Water and place the Idli plates img_2387in the Pressure cooker . Close the lid and steam for 13 minutes on High flame without Pressure .

7. After 13 minutes Switch off the stove and wait for 10 minutes .

8. After 10 minutes remove the lid of Pressure Cooker . Remove the Idli’s with the help of wet Spoon .

SERVEimg_2388 them with MANGO PICKLE .




  1. In the dough picture, it looks like a well done soft dough. But in the picture when its in the moulds, its uneven and looks a little watery. Like thick batter for chilla. What should be the dough consistency.


  2. Did you grind the soaked Moong dal or just mixed the Moong dal without grinding? IS Cabbage an essential ingredient or just include some veges?


  3. Tried this for breakfast today.It came out really well,exactly as shown in the pic.Very filling and nutritious.The dal in it gives a nice crunch.Loved it.A nice variation from the regular idlis.

    Liked by 1 person

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