Wheat Rava Ladoo . imageDessert in less than 10 Minutes . Pack for Kids Lunch Box / After school Snack / Dessert.

We all grew up eating these Ladoo’s . I remember my Mom packing in our Lunch Box or After School snack. Now it is my turn to pack in my Kids lunch Box. I never get bored of eating these. I made small changes in Ingredients so it will increase the Shelf Life. It is challenging to pack balanced , Nutritional Lunch, Snack and dessert in Kids Lunch Box. What we pack must provide needed Vitamins, nutrients for growing bodies. I encourage my kids to watch me  over weekends when I’m cooking Simple Desserts . They help me in choosing Ingredients, Measuring and little help on stove like stirring under my supervision. This weekend we prepared a Simple dessert in less than 10 minutes ( Cooking time) Wheat rava Ladoo . Today I’m sharing a Very very easy Procedure. Yow will like the smooth texture of roasted wheat rava , Sweetness from Jaggery , Nice aroma from Ghee and cardamom, chewy Nuts. The recipe doesn’t need much Ghee as I used One tbsp. Ghee for Whole recipe . Jaggery will helps in Binding without adding too much Milk which will reduce the Shelf life of Ladoo’s . Grease your hands for binding ladoo’s , which will helps in giving nice shape and aroma . Check out  my recipe :

Recipe for 9 Medium Ladoo’s . Preparation time : 5 Minutes Cooking time : 10 Minutes and 5 Minutes for Binding Ladoo’s .


1. Fine Wheat rava – 1 Measuring Cup or Roasted  Wheat rava Upma mix ( I have tried with both ) 

2. Coconut – 1/2 Measuring Cup

3. Jaggery ( Brown Sugar ) – 3/4 th cup or 1 measuring cup

4. Raisins – 1/4 th cup

5. Cashews ( Broken) and Pistachio’s  – 1/2 cup

6. cardamom – 2

7. 2 Splashes of Milk

8 . Ghee – 1 tbsp.


1. Heat Ghee and fry Raisins , Pistachio’s and Cashews for a minute .

2. Add fine Wheat rava or Roasted Wheat rava mix  and fry until light Brown ( say 4 minutes) . Stir in between to avoid burning.

3. After 4 minutes add  Dry Coconut and cook for a minute .

4. Switch off the stove and add Jaggery and cardamom . Mix well . Add 2 splashes of Milk . Mix well and transfer to  a bowl  for Cooling  .

5. Apply Ghee to your hand and take a Handful of Mixture and shape like Ladoo’s . Repeat the process. Reshape the ladoo’s again by greasing your hands with ghee.

SERVE imageas Dessert/ Kids Lunch Box / After School snack .


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