Black Channa ( Chickpeas ) Poha ( Flattened Rice )  Vada ( Fritters) with Tomato Soup( Tomato Rasam) Rasam Vada .image

Recipe for 50 fritters . Preparation and Cooking time : 45 to 60 Minutes . 

 Black Chickpeas , Horse gram and Poha are the three main ingredients in this vada recipe. . Horse gram is widely used in South India in Soups and Curries. They are light, easy to digest and rich in nutrients. Regular consumption helps regulate Blood sugar levels. Good source of Iron, Calcium and Protein and considered as beneficial because of its nutrients and boosts body immunity . Over the weekends I prepare Special Lunch from regular cooking. I prepared 50 fritters as I have guests over the weekend . Try with Half of the measurements.  Soak overnight for Protein digestion .It is difficult to shape Vada with Just Black chickpeas and Horse gram , so I added Chickpea flour which absorbs extra moisture. Added flattened rice( Poha) and Rice flour for crispiness . Add some greens like Spinach and coriander for nutrition, Green chillies and Ginger for taste and flavor. Ajwain which aids in digestion. I served with a Simple Tomato Rasam ( Tomato Soup in Kids language) . Add chopped or Pureed tomato to water along with Spices and Bring to Boil . Simple and easy recipe to try for Weekend lunch.

Recipe for Tomato Rasam :

                  Pour 2 Measuring Cups water in a sauce pan . Add finely chopped tomatoes ( 2) or tomato puree, Grated ginger , Crushed Garlic, Rasam Powder or Curry Powder , Salt , Turmeric . Bring to Boil . Add finely chopped Coriander Leaves , Freshly grounded Black Pepper and 1 tbsp Italian seasoning.


1. Black Chickpeas – 1/2 Measuring Cup

2. White Chickpeas – 1/2 cup

3 . Horse Gram – One cup ( Optional)  

4. Flattened Rice (   White or Red rice Poha) – 1/2 cup

5.Semolina( sooji)  – 1/2 cup to absorb extra moisture and  for Crispiness or Chickpea flour and Rice flour 

6. Onion – One Big ( Chopped)

7. Green chillies – 3 to 4 ( Medium Spicy)

8. Ginger – Small Piece – Chopped

9. One Bunch Coirander and Spinach  –  Finely Chopped

10 . Ajwain ( carom seeds) – 1 tbsp

11. Salt

12 . Oil for Shallow frying- One Measuring Cup or more 


  1. Soak Black Chickpeas, White Chickpeas , Horse Gram Overnight . 2. Wash 2 to 3 times and Grind with Salt and few tablespoons of Water. Transfer to Bowl .

3. Wash Flattened Rice( Poha) 2 to 3 times( Squeeze out wter) and add to the Batter. Add Finely chopped Onions , Green Chillies , Chopped Ginger , Salt , Finely chopped Coriander Leaves , Spinach ,Ajwain , Chickpea flour and Rice flour . Mix well . Check for Salt and spices and adjust accordingly.

4 . Heat Oil for Shallow frying . When Oil is warm enough take a small portion of the batter and shape like Vada ( Half inch thickness, so it will Cook inside ) and Slide into Oil slowly .

5. Fry till Golden Brown on both sides and transfer to a Plate lined with Paper towel to absorb excess Oil . 

Serve warm image with Tomato Rasam .

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