Diwali Specialimage Wheat Adirasam and Spinach Vada .

Today I’m sharing two easy Diwali recipes . Sweet and Savory. Adhirasam (Ariselu) is a traditional South Indian sweet prepared during Diwali time. Prepared with rice flour ( Soaking rice and grinding into Powder ) using rice flour and Sugar or Jaggery. I’m sharing an easy recipe with store bought flours , jaggery , Sugar and other Ingredients .  Jaggery is good source of Iron as it is processed in Iron vessels and comes directly from sugarcane Juice and doesn’t go any refinement . You can prepare with Jaggery or combination of Jaggery and Sugar. Jaggery brightens the color and has more taste explosion .I used minimum Oil for shallow frying. Add enough water as I mentioned in the recipe . No need of resting the dough , you can prepare Adhirasam immediately  by shallow frying. It takes only 10 minutes Preparation time and 20 minutes for Shallow frying 20 Medium Adhirasam. Once brown they are soft and crisp up as they cooled down . Now you can enjoy Adhirasam any time of the year with very very less work . Along with Adhirasam , I’m sharing  savory Diwali recipe Spinach Vada . Instead of eating Plain Vada I  like adding Spinach and Spices  to regular Vada batter. Shape like regular  Vada and shallow fry till golden Brown.

Note : They taste like Adhirasam , But little Crispy.

Wheat Adirasam Recipe : Recipe for 20 Medium Adirasam’s .

INGREDIENTS:image1. Wheat Flour – One  Cup

2. Rice flour( store bought) – 1/2 cup

or Wheat flour – 2 cups if you want a Soft Adirasam 

3. Dry Coconut – 1/2 Cup

4. Jaggery ( Brown Sugar) – 1/2 Cup  

5. Sugar – 1/2 cup

6. Cardamom – 4 to 6

7.Water – 3/4 th Cup

8. Oil – 2 tbsp to mix in flours

9. Oil for Shallow frying – One  Measuring Cup

10. Ziplock Bag 

METHOD :image

1. Mix Wheat flour, Rice flour, Jaggery , Sugar, Dry coconut, 2 tbsp Oil, Cardamom by adding Water slowly. Mix like a Chapathi dough . No need to rest the dough . Prepare immediately.image

2. Heat Oil for Shallow frying on Medium / Medium High Heat .

3. Grease ziplock Bag with Oil. imageTake a Lemon size Ball of the dough and place on the Ziplock Bag and pat with your finger tips . It should be One inch thick.

4. To check whether Oil is warm enough , drop a small ball ( Press it) into the Oil . If it raises the temperature is Correct.

5. Slowly slide the Adhirasam into Oil. imageFry till goden brown on both sides.image

6. Transfer to a plate lined with paper towel to absorb excess Oil .

NOTE : imageIn the beginning they will be soft and crisp up as they come to room temperature .

Recipe for SPINACH VADA for 30 :imageINGREDIENTS:

1. Urad dal – 2 Cups

2. Onion – One Big ( Chopped )

3. Green Chillies – 3 to 6 ( mild Spicy )

4. Ginger – Small Piece ( Chopped)

5. Coriander – One Bunch ( washed and Chopped)

6. Spinach – 3 Big Handfuls ( Chopped)

7. Salt

8. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

9. Oil for shallow frying .


1. Soak Urad Dal overnight or 3 Hours. Wash throughly . Grind Urad Dal with little Salt, Few tbsp water and Cumin seeds . The Batter must be thick to Shape Vada’s .

2. Add finely chopped Onions, Chopped Green Chillies, ginger , Finely chopped Spinach and Coriander . Mix well . Taste the Batter for Salt and Spices and adjust accordingly .

3. Heat Oil on Medium High Heat .

4. Take small portion of the Batter and shape Vada .

5. Slowly slide into warm Oil and fry till Golden Brown .

6. Transfer to a Plate lined with Paper towel to absorb excess Oil. Serve Warm or at room temperature.


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