Cauliflower Idli – imageSteamed and Instant

 Preparing Breakfast and Lunch Box should not be tedious and Stressful . I always keep on trying new recipes with Pantry staples , not complicated , approved by Kids and can whip up a meal quickly . Happy to see their faces light up when ever I serve a new Breakfast or Pack for Lunch Box .Cauliflower Idli  is a Simple and easy Breakfast recipe or  for Kids Lunch Box,  prepared with 5 Main Ingredients. These Idli’s  taste good at room temperature. Kids have different preferences; Some like soft foods others like Crispy One’s . After you steam the Idli’s ,you can pan fry with little Oil (if your kids like Crispy Idli’s) .  I added a good amount of Cauliflower for nutrition and taste.

                 I will be One Happy Mommy if Kids eat BREAKFAST without fuss and bring their LUNCH BOX empty and like to  try more and more Breakfast and Lunch box recipes . It will be a motivation for all moms right when kids bring empty Lunch Box.  Last week we bought a  Cauliflower from the Farmer’s market which has very Big florets . Instead of using this in curries, I thought I will try something new for Breakfast and Kids Lunch Box. I Chopped 2 Big Cauliflower florets ( 2 Measuring Cups) finely and Mixed with FLOUR , OATS and Beans for Protein .

                 Add some Spices like Mild Green Chillies and Chopped Ginger . Green Chillies and Ginger works good for Steamed Idli’s . Y ou can use a Mortar and Pestle for rough chop if your Kids don’t  like the Bite of Green chillies and Ginger . But make sure you add Green Chillies , Ginger and Cumin seeds  . They bring out flavor in Idli’s when Steamed.  I always keep Cooked Beans in refrigerator so it will come in handy for me  to add to any recipes. Sharing some Cooking tips which help you to prepare Breakfast/ Lunch Box  in less time.


1. Mix Rice flour and Oats with Cumin seeds and salt . Store in a Box. 

2. Wash cauliflower florets and Finely chop and store in refrigerator . 

3. Cook Beans and refrigerate . Chop Green chillies and Ginger with little salt in Mortar and Pestle and refrigerate.

4. Prepare Spinach rasam day before and refrigerate and bring to Boil in the Morning .  

5. Prepare Onion and Cucumber Pickle and refrigerate . This Pickle stays good for a week and comes in Handy to Pack for Kids Lunch Box  and goes well with Steamed Cauliflower Idli’s .  

 KIDS LUNCH BOX IDEA : imageServed with Spinach Rasam and Pickled Onion and Cucumber . Packed both steamed and Pan fried .

Recipe for 12 Steamed Idli’s and 5 Pan fried with 1/2 tbsp Oil .

Preparation time :  10 to 15 minutes Steaming time : 13 minutes

INGREDIENTS : image1. Rice flour – 1 Measuring Cup ( store bought)

2 . Oats – 1/2 Cup

3. Cooked Yellow Peas or frozen peas or CORN  – 1 Measuring Cup ( Mash Partially not total) . I used cooked Yellow peas .

4. Cauliflower florets – 2 Big ( Finely Chopped) 0r 2 Measuring Cups finely Chopped or Grated . You can add Vegetables of your choice like grated Carrots, chopped Green Beans and Corn 

Use this chopper to chop cauliflower and carrots . You can steam , Pan fry or in Paniyaram Pan .

5. Green Chillies – 2 Chopped ( Mild Spicy ) or Green chilli Paste 

6. Ginger – Small Piece ( Chopped)

7. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

8. Salt

9. Water – One Measuring Cup

10 . Oil – 2 tbsp to mix in flour and 1/2 tbsp to Grease Idli Plates .


1. Mix rice flour, Oats , Partially mashed Yellow Peas , Finely Chopped Cauliflower , Salt , cumin seeds, Salt , Finely Chopped Green chillies, Ginger by adding Warm water slowly . The dough should lookimage like as shown in the Picture to shape the balls .

2. Grease Idli Plates with Oil . Place a Lemon size ball on each Idli Plateimage and Press with your Wet fingers. Make a hole in the middle so it will be cooked evenly.

3. Fill the Pressure cooker with 2 Measuring Cups water . img_2387Place the Idli plates and Steam for 13 Minutes without Pressure on High Heat .

4. When Pressure comes down ( Say after 10 minutes) remove the Idli Plates from Pressure Cooker . Remove Idli’s with wet Steel spoon .

5. SERVE with SPINACH RASAM and Pickled Onion and Cucumber .

NOTE :image

They taste good without any dip or Chutney . PANFRIED : I have some dough left over so i pan fried with 1/2 tbsp Oil uncovered . It took 5 minutes to Pan fry and cooked Perfectly . They are Crispy and tasty.



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