HOLIDAY DESSERT – Nuts Clusters with Boondiimage

 A little sweet and little Crunchy and what not to Love about this Nuts clusters with Boondi and Jaggery. This is one of my favorite Holiday Desserts because it is tasty, can be stored for more than 2 weeks and can be prepared in less than 20 minutes from Start to Finish. I usually prepare with Nuts and Jaggery . This time I added Boondi for variation . Took little help from store bought Ones.  I shared how to prepare Syrup and you won’t wrong if you follow the recipe . Easy sweet recipe that is more satisfying when you prepare at home. Perfect for Parties, Snacking and Gifting. If you are planning to gift for your friends it will be Best Holiday Sweet treat.

Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 minutes .


  1. Roasted Cashews – One Measuring cup( Store bought)

2. Roasted Peanuts – One measuring cup( i didn’t peel the skin)

3. Bhoondi – One cup ( store bought)

4. Powdered Jaggery – 2 measuring cups

5. Cardamom – 6 ( Powdered)

6. Water – 1/2 cup

METHOD :image


1. Roast the peanuts . No need to peel the Skin .

2. Mix Roasted cashews , Roasted peanuts and Bhoondi in a Bowl .

3. Heat a wide Pan and add Powdered Jaggery and water. Cook on medium or Medium high flame into a thick syrup .
Stir in between to avoid burning.

3. Fill a bowl with water and drop the jaggery syrup . image When you are able to make ball with the syrup say after 7 minutes  , Switch off the stove.

4. Add cardamom Powder ,Boondi and  PeaNuts , Cashews  .
Mix gently .

5. Leave on the stove for 15 minutes. Mix in between gently . You will see the Clusters when it comes to room temperature.



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