Open faced taco’s – Kids special. Perfect for little Hands to hold and eat.imagewith Fresh or Left over Phulka  , Sweet Potato  or White Potato topping and dressed it up with Salsa. It’s Dinner at Five for my Kids. Served the Open faced taco’s with Cauliflower florets and Dessert. I buy vegetables every two weeeks . First week I  finish vegetables with less Shelf Life . Next week I cook vegetables like Cabbage , Cauliflower , Sweet Potato etc.  Want to prepare something with Sweet Potato other than fries. I always keep some cooked Beans in refrigerator and Wheat flour dough . If I serve Sweet potato Curry along with Plain Paratha . Hmmm Kids may not like it for Dinner.

                     I have this recipe in my mind for long time. Open faced taco’s without tortilla’s . I prepared Phulka without Oil and topping with Sweet Potato, Green Moong Dal and Spices .  Refrigerate both of them in separate Boxes and it will take less time to prepare Dinner for Kids. While preparing opened faced taco’s drizzle Oil on both sides . So it will Crisp up the taco’s and the topping. When you flip they are Chances that the Sweet Potato topping will fall . So made a quick slurry with flour and Glued the filling to taco. I buy Big bag of Sweet Potatoes and they stay good for a month .

                     Store at Cool room temperature away from Light . If you store in refrigerator , they won’t cook Properly , takes longer time to Cook.Sweet Potatoes are available year round in many countries . They are similar to White potatoes in terms of Calories and Carbohydrates. One medium spud has 400 percent of your daily needs of Vitamin A as well as loads of fiber, Potassium and provide school age children with sizable amounts of their daily vitamins. Correcting Vitamin A deficiency with foods higher in Beta Carotene will restore vision . Source : Health Magazines.

NOTE : The spices and Lime Juice will supress the sweetness from Sweet Potato. You can prepare the topping with Only Sweet Potato or Combination of Sweet Potato and White Potato.

Recipe for 6 Open faced Taco’s :image

  1. 6 soft Phulka’s or tortilla’s  :   In a Bowl Mix Wheat flour ( 2 cups) with 4 Ounces milk , salt , Oil , Water and prepare a soft dough . Leave overnight in refrigerator or for Half an hour on Kitchen Counter.Roll a medium size ball into a circle. Heat Pan and fry Phulka ( tortilla) without Oil . Layer a Paper towel in a storage Box and Place the Phulka’s . When comes to room temperature cover with another Paper towel and refrigerate. 

2.  Sweet Potato or White Potato  Topping  or Combination of Sweet Potato and White Potato : Heat 1 tbsp Oil and add cumin seeds , Grated garlic , Grated ginger, Chopped green chillies . Then add cooked Green Moong ( soak 1/2 cup dry Moong Beans overnight and Microwave for 6 Minutes) ,  Mashed sweet Potato ( Half cup) , Red chilli powder, coriander and Cumin powder and finely chopped coriander leaves. Squeeze juice of Half Lime. Mix well . Check for salt and Spices and adjust accordingly . Cool the topping and refrigerate.

3. Onion Tomato salsa : Mix finely chopped shallots with chopped tomato , salt , Mixed Italian Herbs, Black pepper, finely chopped coriander and Juice of Lime .

4. Slurry : In a Bowl mix  2 tbsp Chickpea flour ,  2 tbsp Rice flour , Spices with sufficient water. The batter must be  little thick .

METHOD : image

To assemble taco’s Layer sweet Potato Mixture on each tortilla . Spoon 2 tbsp Batter on Sweet Potato topping. Heat a Pan and fry Tortilla’s on both sides till Golden Brown. Drizzle Oil when you flip.Dress it up with Salsa or Shredded Lettuce with Sour cream or Gucamole .


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