Stuffed Karela with Nuts spice Powder and Vadi. Served with Steamed rice and Tomato Dal.img_3164

           If anybody in your family doesn’t like Karela( Bitter gourd) then definitely try this recipe.

New recipe with New stuffing ( You have never tried before) .

Why it so Easy : Because you can prepare the Stuffing ahead of time and refrigerate or store in an airtight container.

Healthy : Pan fried with Minimum Oil .

Complicated : Shared how to cook in minimum time .

Bitter : Shared how to reduce Bitterness of Karela .

Are Kids going to Like it : 100 Percent .

Left overs are good : If refrigerated and reheat  before serving.

                     Try New recipe with Karela( Bitter gourd) .I prepared this recipe 2 times . Once I left the Karela ( Marinade )overnight in the refrigerator and Cooked Next day and it  took less time to Cook . This Soaking will reduce Bitterness of Karela( Bitter gourd) and Cooks fast with Less Oil . Next time I didn’t Plan to Cook Karela for next day , So I marinade for Couple of Hours. After Couple of Hours I discard the Marinade Liquid , Washed and Microwaved for 4 to 5 Minutes in a Microwave safe Bowl( For every minute flip the Karela ) . This microwaving softened the Karela and Cooked fast in Less time. and Less Oil .

                You are going to like the New stuffing I prepared with Mixed Nuts and Spices . It became our favorite recipe and easy to Prepare and Cook . Prepare the stuffing ahead of time and refrigerate and will  stay good for more than 5 Days. Adding Vadi to stuffing adds little Crunch and taste good too.  Squeeze Juice of Lime if needed . But i didn’t Squeeze as the Bitter gourd is not Bitter because of Marinating or I used thin and Medium sized Bitter gourd.

Note : If you don’t have Coriander and Cumin Powder. Dry roast Cumin and Coriander seeds – 1/2 tbsp each with Mixed Nuts .

 Recipe for 8 Karela . Preparation and Cooking time : 30 Minutes 


1.Karela ( Bitter gourd) – 8 ( Medium , thin )

2. Oil – 2 to 3 tbsp

3. Salt

4. Juice of Lime – Half

5. Marinade : Yogurt ( Curd) – Half cup , Water – One cup , Salt , Turmeric and Tamarind – Lemon size( Soak tamarind in warm water and extract Juice)

6.Spices and Nuts  to roast and Grind – Dry roast Handful of Mixed Nuts ( Almonds, Pistachios , Walnuts ,Cashews and nuts of your choice), 1 tbsp Sesame seeds, 10 Peanuts. . Cool and grind with 1/4 th Cup Dry Coconut,Red chilli powder – 1 tbsp, Coriander and Cumin Powder – 1/2 tbsp each, Garlic cloves – 4 to 5 ( Peeled) . .Mix Crushed Vadi and Mango Powder ( Optional)

7. Vadi – 1/4 th Cup ( Fry in a tbsp Of Oil . Cool , Crush with a rolling Pin  and Mix with Nuts and spice Powder . Mix Mango Powder too .


MARINADE : Mix Yogurt ( Curd) with water , Salt , Turmeric and Tamarind Juice  and Marinade Karela .  Make a slit in the middle of Karela . Pour the Liquid even in the slit. Leave Overnight in the refrigerator or 3 to 4 Hours on Kitchen counter ( Morning). Flip in between to make sure each Karela is well Marinated. OR LEAVE OVERNIGHT IN THE REFRIGERATOR .img_3166

  1. Discard the Marinade liquid , Wash Karela and Pan fry . Heat a tbsp Oil and Place Karela in a single Layer . Drizzle Oil on each Karela and Cover and Cook on Medium / Medium High flame . Flip in between , so it will be Brown on all sides. 


2. Once Brown , Uncover, Push Karela aside  and add the spice powder with a tbsp Oil and fry for a minute as shown in the Picture. Switch off the Stove. 


3. Once Karela and spice Powder is cooled , Stuff Karela with Spice Powder. Squeeze Juice of Lime and Optional .

SERVE warm with Steamed Rice/ Phulka and Dal .


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