Oats Rava Dosa with Urad Flour and Vegetables . Served with Instant rasam.image Soft sponge Dosa. Instant with Veggies . Doesn’t need any side or serve with Instant Rasam. 3 Ingredients . Just mix and prepare Dosa and top it with Finely chopped Vegetables .

                 Add a little Protein  and Veggies for  a complete Meal .   If you like fermented Dosa , then definitely you will like this Dosa. It is not Lacy like regular rava Dosa but Soft , Spongy and tasty because of fermentation. Sometimes we may not find time to Soak and grind Lentils and Grains. Then we look for Instant Dosa ‘s . This recipe is Instant if you don’t ferment and Not Instant if you ferment overnight . Fermented foods contain good bacteria and offers wide range of Health Benefits . Fermented foods improve gut Health and immune system and reduces certain types of diseases. The less processed Steel cut Oats have much lower GI than high processed quick Oats. Low GI foods slow down the rate that glucose ( sugar) gets introduced into your body when compared to foods High in GI cause spike in sugars and crave for sugary foods when glucose levels drop.

                 This Dosa is prepared with Oats, Semolina and Urad flour. If you are looking for a protein friendly diet and Healthy Pulse , then try to Include Urad dal or  Urad flour in your diet. It is good source of soluble and Insoluble fiber which is good for digestion . Good source of Protein, Iron , Calcium , magnesium and Potassium and good for Women.Consuming Urad dal frequently will Boosts your energy. Good source of Carbohydrates, Protein and Fat which are required by the body. Source : Health Magazines

                      This Dosa can be Instant but taste good when you ferment .( Fermentation helps in Protein digestion. ) This rava dosa is not Lacy like other Rava dosa because I added  Urad flour.  Instead it is Soft , SPONGY and TASTY as I fermented the batter Overnight. I added Veggies as it for  Dinner. No need of side or you can serve with Instant rasam .You can sprinkle Veggies on pan and pour the Batter or  Pour batter and Sprinkle Veggies on top of Batter and press with Spatula , so they will stick to Dosa . Spend less time in Kitchen and at the same time enjoy tasty , satisfying and delicious food with your family . Add recipe to your Weekend Menu.

Recipe for 7 to 8 Dosa’s .

Preparation and Cooking time : Less than 30 Minutes .


1. Oats – One measuring cup

2. Urad flour – 1/2 cup

3. Semolina or sooji – 1/2 cup

4. Water – 2 1/2 cups or accordingly

5. Salt

6. Cumin seeds

7. Oil – 2 tbsp

8. Finely chopped Coriander leaves

9. Chopped Green chillies and Ginger

10 .  Finely Chopped Vegetables – 1 cup ( Cabbage , Carrot , Onion , Deseeded tomato, Bell Pepper )

METHOD :imageimageimage

1. Mix  Oats, Semolina , Urad flour, Salt , Cumin seeds with 2 1/2 Cups Water. The Water mentioned will be sufficient. Mix to a smooth consistency without Lumps.

2. Ferment Overnight if you like tangy Dosa or in the refrigerator.

3. Heat pan on a Medium / Medium High flame. Stir batter and taste test for Salt . When the Pan is warm enough , grease the Pan with little Oil . Prepare small Dosa.

4. For second Dosa take a laddle full of batter and spread in a circular motion . Sprinkle finely chopped Vegetables , chopped Green chillies Chopped Ginger, finely chopped Coriander leaves  and press with Spatula , so they will stick to the Dosa.

5. Drizzle Oil on the edges to crisp the Dosa. Once the base is light Golden flip the Dosa and cook the other side till Golden Brown .

SERVE with Instant Rasam or they taste good on there own as we sprinkled the Vegetables on Dosa .

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