Instant Red Rice   ( Flattened Rice)   Tomato Dosa. Taste good on its own or for Kids serve with Tomato raita.img_3252

  Do you like your Dinner or Lunch or Breakfast ready in 10 + 10 minutes.  Healthy  Pancakes /Uttapam/Dosa for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner as it is loaded with Veggies and can be  prepared with very minimum  Oil. No need of any Baking soda or Eno . A major benefit of combining beans and grains is the amino acids they provide . Both beans and grains are incomplete proteins meaning they lack some essential amino acids .Together they compliment one another and provides all of the essential amino acids and can take place of high quality animal protein.

                  Red rice Poha ( Flattened rice) is highly nutritious when we add some Protein and vegetables to it. Red rice is the special variety of rice found mostly in southern coastal regions of South America and is a healthier version to regular Poha which doesn’t go excessive processing and has more health benefits like good source of Iron , fiber , Vitamins and Minerals like Calcium , Zinc , maganese and magnesium . But need to soak for sometime so it will be softer. Red rice or Brown rice Poha are considered to be a great meal option for diabetes as it promotes the slow release of Sugar into Blood stream .It also keep you full for longer time and helps you decrease the desire to eat . High in fiber because of Bran and contains Vitamin B6 . This particular vitamin is required to help the development of serotonin , red blood cells helping in the creation of DNA. B6 helps a lot of systems in your body function .It is good for digestive , immune system , nervous system and cardiovascular .Keep Hair healthy , skin , liver and eyes. Foods high in B6 vitamins are Whole grains , Beans , Nuts , Potatoes and Banana . It helps the body make Melatonin which is important in helping regulate our internal clock .  Deficiency of B6 are cracked lips , confusion , inflammed tongue and mouth and depression .B Vitamins play an important role in converting food into energy and helps the body metabolizes fats and proteins.People who eat balanced diet will get the require amount of Vitamin B6 without taking dietary supplements . Source : HM  .

                      Sometimes I take off from Cooking and Prepare Instant Dosa with Vegetables for Dinner . I prepare Raita day before and refrigerate. Mix Flours with Spices . Chop Vegetables and refrigerate. Then my dinner will be ready in 10 Minutes. 

Recipe for 8 Pancakes and 2 Big Dosa ‘s .

Preparation time : 10 Minutes  and Cooking time: 10 Minutes


1. Red rice Poha – 1/2 Measuring Cup or Poha of your choice

2. Chickpea flour ( Besan) – 1/2 cup

3.  Brown Rice flour – 1/4 th Cup or Hand ful ( For crispiness) or White rice flour ( store bought) or SOOJI ( SEMOLINA) – 1/4 th cup 

4. Yogurt ( curd) – 1/2 Cup

5. Water – 1 Measuring Cup

 6. Tomatoes – 2 Chopped

7. Chopped Onions

 8. Grated Carrots , Bell Peppers  and Chopped Green Beans

9. Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves

10 . Salt

11. Rasam Powder or Sambar Powder or Curry Powder – 1/2 tbsp

11. Oil – 2 tbsp

METHOD :img_3250

1. Wash Red rice Poha couple of times and drain out all water. Transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this add Chickpea flour , Rice flour , Curd ( Yogurt) , Salt , Ajwain , Spices and Water. Mix without Lumps .img_3254

3. To this batter add Finely Chopped Vegetables( Tomato , Onion , Carrots and Beans ) and finely chopped Coriander Leaves. The batter must be of spreading consistency . 

4. Heat Pan on Medium Heat  and grease with Oil . Pour a Big spoonful of Batter and spread like Pancakes as shown in the Picture .Drizzle Oil on edges .img_3256img_3255

5. You can prepare small Pancakes or Big Dosa.  You can prepare 7 to 8 Pancakes depending on the size of your Pan .img_3251 .  Cook until light Brown on both sides .

SERVE with Tomato Raita .

RECIPE FOR TOMATO RAITA : Heat a tbsp Oil and splutter Cumin seeds . Then add Chopped tomato ( 1 ) . Season with salt and 1/4 th tbsp Rasam Powder. Once tomatoes are soft ( Cooked ) , Switch off the stove and Cool before adding to Curd ( Yogurt) . To Yogurt ( Curd) add finely chopped Onions and Coriander . Add Cooked tomato . Mix well . Serve with Poha Dosa .

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