Indian Broad Beans Mixed Vegetable Curry with Homemade Masala Powder .img_3270

 Chop vegetables differently to look interesting. Have  rainbow colors in your curry to reap the benefits of different colored Veggies. If you eat different vegetables and fruits you are getting enough fiber to keep your blood sugars down . You should eat  them over  the course of week to get benefits.  Spices not only adds flavor but has digestive benefits. Curry powder has been credited with anti inflammatory benefits as well as anti cancer properties. Pigments called anthocyanins give red and purple fruits and vegetables their color and serve as powerful antioxidants in the body . If you don’t eat diary try to include deeply colored greens to get enough nutrients and vitamins. Lycopene in tomato keeps your heart healthy . Potatoes, Banana’s and fennel are high in Potassium . Coriander and Lime enhances a simple dish with its amazing flavors. These are natural to cleanse the body build up with Toxins. Source : HM. Enjoy the food you are cooking with different colors to nourish your body.

Recipe for 4 People .

Preparation and Cooking time : 30 Minutes 


1. Indian Broad Beans

2. Onion – One medium ( Chopped length wise)  Freshly Grated  Ginger and Garlic – 1 tbsp each 

3. Potato – 1 ( thinly sliced)

4. Eggplant – 1 ( Cut into Circles)

5. Tomatoes – 2 ( Cut into circles)

6. Salt and Turmeric Powder

7. Cumin and Mustard seeds – 1/2 tbsp each

8. Finely chopped Coriander leaves and Curry leaves.

.9. Oil – 2 tbsp

10. Juice of Lime – 1/2 

11. SPICES to roast and GRIND : Dry roast Peanuts – 10 , Sesame seeds – 2 tbsp , Almonds – 5 , Cumin and Coriander seeds – 1/2 tbsp each . Cool the spices and grind with 1/4 th cup Dry Coconut , 2 Green Chilles , 3 Cloves of Garlic and small Piece of Ginger

12.  Home made Curry Powder – 1/2 to 1 tbsp ( Blend of Red chili powder, Coriander and Cumin Powder , Coriander leaves with stems and Garlic cloves)



1.Soak  Indian Broad Beans in water for 10 to 15 minutes and Wash 3 to 4 times. Remove the fibrous Part from both sides . Wash again . Cut the Beans 2 Inch long  and Pressure cook for 2 whistles . Add 1/4 th cup water and season with little salt . Cook on Medium high flame. When Pressure comes down transfer to a wide Plate and cool before adding to the Curry ( No water will be left to drain ) .

2. Chop Tomatoes and Eggplant into circles . Chop Potato into thinly slices. Chop Onions length wise .

3. Heat 1 tbsp Oil and splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Urad dal , Green chillies and Curry Leaves . Add sliced Onions , Eggplant and Potato . Season with little salt and Turmeric. Once Onions are light brown add Crushed Ginger and Garlic . Fry for couple of Minutes .

4. Add Cooked and cooled Indian Broad Beans , One more tbsp Oil and fry for few minutes or till light Brown  . Mix gently .

5. Add the Spice Powder and  Curry Powder .Mix well and make sure the Beans and other vegetables are well coated with the Spice powder  and Curry Powder .

6. Add tomato and cook for 3 Minutes and switch off the stove.  So the tomatoes will hold the shape and you can taste the Juicy tomato . Add finely chopped Coriander Leaves and Squeeze Juice of Lime .

SERVE with PHULKA .img_3268

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