Crispy Masala Dosa with Tangy Potato Curry and  Spicy Mixed Nuts Chutney .img_3340

  Sometimes I don’t cook regular food and for a change try new recipes for Dinner or for Weekend Lunch. I posted different Dosa recipes but not with only Green  Moong dal . There are many recipes preparing Moong dal Dosa without rice. We are not comfortable eating just Dal Dosa . So I added  rice . Eating Moongdal with Brown Basmati rice together will provide you a Low fat high fiber complete Protein. Protein Sources are divided into complete and Incomplete Proteins based on how many of the essential amino acids they provide.  Amino acids are the building blocks of Protein and  can be essential , Non essential and conditional , some cannot be made by your body .  Our bodies need 20 total amino acids to build and repair muscles and tissues . Plant based food are called incomplete Protein and provide some of the essential amino acids . Beans Brown rice, lentils , nuts, tofu are lacking in one or more types. Rice contains low amount of amino acids that are found in high quantities in Beans. Together they form a complete Protein. Meat , eggs , dairy , poultry and sea food provide all 9 essential  amino acids and are known as complete Protein.  We need essential amino acids in our daily diet . If we don’t get essential amino acids in your body , protein breaks down resulting in muscle loss and problems that need repair. Source : Health Magazines .

                      For preparing the Dosa we need 2 ingredients and overnight Soaking or 3 to 4 Hours. Along with Dosa recipe I shared a Tangy curry recipe used as a stuffing for Dosa . For dipping the Stuffed Dosa I prepared Mixed Nuts Chutney . Good combination for Dosa . Enjoy for Weeknight DINNER or for Weekend Lunch . To make it easier , grind the Batter, Prepare the Curry and Chutney ahead of time and refrigerate. It will very easy to prepare for any MEAL in Less time. 

RECIPE for TANGY CURRY  to spread on DOSA :

            Heat 1 tbsp Oil and Splutter Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds and Curry leaves. Add finely chopped Onions ( Medium) , Bell Pepper( Green ) , Finely chopped Green Beans and Grated Carrots. Season with Salt and Turmeric. Mix well and Cook on Medium flame . Once the vegetables are soft add Boiled and Crumbled Potato ( One) and MTR Puligore powder ( 1 tbsp )  or Curry Powder or Rasam or Sambar Powder , finely chopped Coriander and Mint Leaves . 


               Dry roast handful Peanuts and one more handful Mixed Nuts with 2 red chilli es. Cool the Nuts . In a Blender add 2 Handfuls of dry coconut or Fresh Coconut ,  3 to 5 Curry Leaves , Marble size Tamarind, Salt , 2 Green chillies , 2 red chillies , 3 tbsp roasted Daliya and roasted nuts . Add sufficient water and Blend . Heat 1 tbsp Oil and splutter Mustard seeds , Cumin seeds , Broken chillies . Add this tempering to the chutney along with finely Chopped Coriander Leaves. 

Recipe for 9 to 10 Medium Dosa”s .


1. Green Whole Moong Dal – 1 cup

2. Brown Basmati Rice – 1 cup  

3. Salt

4 . Water for Grinding

5. Oil – 2 tbsp

METHOD :img_3338img_3342img_3341

1. Soak Dals overnight  for 4 to 5 Hours . Wash before and after Soaking.

2. Grind Dal and Rice together with little Salt and Sufficient Water . The batter must be pouring Consistency .

3. Heat a pan and grease with little Oil and wipe off the Oil with Paper towel .

4. Pour the batter in the middle of pan and spread in a circular motion. 4. Drizzle Oil on the edges . Brown on both sides.

5. Take 1/2 cup of Cooked curry and spread evenly on Dosa. Fold the Dosa and transfer to a plate . SERVE with Mixed Nuts Chutney.