Kids Lunch Box dessert with Cracked Wheat ( Daliya)

  It is one of the easiest Dessert recipe I can prepare  in 10 minutes without fail . You are going to love the nice aroma from Ghee and rich taste with nuts and other ingredients. Ghee is a staple in  preparing Indian  Desserts , cooking  and Ayurvedic medicine. Ghee made from grass fed butter is healthy and had essential Vitamins like A, D , E and K and as well as fatty acids.   According to some  Research Ghee actually reduce the risk of heart disease instead of increasing. Too much eating will increase Cholesterol levels . People with diabetes, heart disease and suffering from obesity should avoid or reduce the intake.  If you are dealing with any sort of digestive issues , Ghee will help in healing Gut lining.  it improves digestion . The short chain fatty acid butyrate helps support a healthy digestive tract , increases gastric acid and helps in efficient digestion .  Beneficial for mind , controls metabolism , inflammation and stress. Butyrate  works by stimulating the conversion of fiber into more butyric acid which is essential for detoxifying as well as elimination of other fats and toxins. Source : Health magazines 

              Dessert with Cracked Wheat ( Daliya) is very very Simple Dessert recipe we can prepare in less than 10 minutes and can pack for Kids Lunch Box as Dessert .  Stays good in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days . Just warm for one minute  before packing in Kids Lunch Box .It tastes so rich with Minimum Ghee . I added both Jaggery and Sugar instead of just using one. Milk almost gave a rich taste and I  used water too for Cooking.  I found this fine variety of Daliya in indian stores which almost looks like Semolina.The recipe  looks so Simple with few Ingredients  but taste good and Healthy than a Cookie. 

Recipe for 18 Medium Patties .

Note : Once you finish cooking. Grease a Baking sheet with little Ghee and spread it. Use Cookie cutters . You can even surprise Kids on Valentine’s Day with this easy Dessert . 

Preparation time : 10 Minutes and Cooking time : 10 Minutes


1. Fine Cracked Wheat ( Daliya) – 1 Cup or Roasted Upma Mix ( Wheat) – 1 Cup 

2. Milk – 2 Cups

3. Water – 1 Cup

4. Jaggery ( Brown sugar ) -1/2 Cup and Sugar -1/4 th  Cup . Add  according to your taste.

5. Raisins  – 1/2 cup( chopped)

6. Pistachio’s , Walnuts, Almonds and Cashews – One Cup ( Chopped)

7. Cardamom – 8 ( Powdered)

8. Ghee – 2 tbsp


1. Heat 1 tbsp ghee and roast Daliya( Cracked Wheat )  . Once Light Brown transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this add Powdered Cardamom  and Raisins .

3. Add Milk and water to sauce Pan and bring to Boil . Once it comes to Boil add roasted daliya slowly and Mix well . Once Daliya is cooked , Switch off the stove .

4. Add Pistachio’s , Cashews , Raisins, Powdered Jaggery, Sugar  and Powdered Cardamom . Add one more tbsp Ghee . Check for Sweetness and add accordingly .

5. Cool it before you make Patties. Once cooled , grease your hands with ghee and take a handful of cooked Halwa and shape like a ball . Then flatten slowly between your Hands. Repeat the process with the rest of the Halwa .

                   REFRIGERATE and when serving or Packing for Kids Lunch Box warm for 30 seconds .