Dates  Ladoo – Kids Lunch Box dessert / After school Snack / Dessert


If your Kids doesn’t like to eat Dates as a whole , then try this Dates Ladoo. Easy and Simple recipe that can be prepared and Cooked in less than 15 Minutes .sometimes Kids are picky to eat Dates because they are too sweet. Need refrigeration as it is prepared with Milk . Just warm for 30 seconds before you Serve or Pack for Lunch Box. I have added good amount of Dates and if needed you can add 1/4 th cup Sweetner of your Choice. Add nuts and Raisins  for a tasty bite in between .

Recipe for 15 Medium Ladoo’s.

Preparation time :  5 Minutes and Cooking Time : 10 Minutes



1. Fine Daliya or Sooji( Semolina) or Roasted Upma Mix – One Measuring Cup

2. Dates – 15 ( Chopped)

3. Milk – 16 Ounces ( 2 Glasses)

4. Nuts – 1 Cup ( Chopped)

5. Raisins – 1/4 th cup

6. Ghee – 2  to 3 tbsp and 1/4 tbsp for shaping Ladoo’s

7. Cardamom – 6 ( Powdered)

8. Sweetner of your Choice – 1/4 th Cup if needed



1. Heat 1 tbsp Ghee and fry  Chopped Nuts , Raisins and Daliya( fine wheat rava) or roasted upma mix . Mix in between to avoid burning. .

2 . Chop Dates and Blend with 8 Ounces Milk  and add rest of  8 Ounces too i.e 2 Glasses Milk .

3. When Daliya is roasted add  Dates milk and mix without Lumps . 

4. Add 1 more tbsp Ghee and Powdered Cardamom .Mix well . Check for Sweetness and add accordingly . Cover and cook for 3 to 4 Minutes . Stir in between . Switch off the stove and Cool before shaping Ladoo’s .

5. Transfer to a Bowl .  When it is light Warm take a handful of Cooked mixture and shape ladoo’s . Grease your hand with Ghee and reshape them  . Repeat the Process with the rest  .

PACK for KIDS LUNCH BOX /AFTER SCHOOL SNACK / DESSERT . Refrigerate it and Warm for 30 seconds in Microwave before serving. 



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