Cucumber Pickle with Sesame Seeds

Simple and tasty Pickle you can prepare in no time . I was thinking of posting this recipe for longtime , but keep on postponing it . I prepare this Pickle every week and we eat with our Lunch/Dinner for 3  to 4 days  which enhances the taste of food . It stays good and won’t get spoiled . Your are going to like the nutty flavor of roasted Sesame seeds with Cumin and Coriander and little hint of Spice from Red chillies and Green chillies , tangy taste from tamarind ,little crunch from peanuts and fresh flavor from Curry leaves and Coriander. You can add Grated Raw Mango or Squeeze Juice of Lime or Raw Mango Powder . Serve as a side for Lunch / Dinner or with Curd rice or with Steamed rice + Ghee + Cucumber sesame seeds Pickle + Chutney Powder .

           Home made Pickles are easy to prepare and we can control Oil , Salt and Spices. Freshly made Pickles not only taste good but they also supply essential Vitamins like C, A, K , Folate and minerals. Pickles has a prominent place in Indian meal and no Indian meal is complete without a good touch of Pickle on the side. Pickling was invented 4000 to 5000 years ago. It is invented to Overcome the problem of excess food that was produced and lack of refrigeration . Before refrigeration pickling is the only way to preserve various food for future consumption . Generally Pickles are high in Oil , salt and spices and not a good idea to include in everyday meal .Pickles increase the food taste and fresh pickles are interesting and appetizing ways to make children eat their fair share of Vegetables and Spices .

Preparation time : 15 Minutes . Cooking time : 5 minutes Just Tadka( Seasoning) 


1. Cucumber – 3 ( Peel the skin ) if you use Yellow Cucumber peel the skin and remove the seeds . Taste test for bitterness. Select Yellow color . Light green will taste bitter.

2. Peanuts – 1/2 Cup ( Roasted)

3. To roast and Grind – Dry roast 3 tbsp Sesame seeds , 1 tbsp Cumin seeds , 1 tbsp Coriander seeds , 1/2 tbsp Mustard seeds, 5  Fenugreek seeds and 2 Red chillies . Cool and grind with 1/4 th cup Coconut, 2 Green Chillies ,Tamarind and Salt .

4. Turmeric( Pinch)  and Salt ( accordingly)

5. Oil for Seasoning ( Tadka) – 1 tbsp

6. Curry Leaves and Finely chopped Coriander Leaves

7. Seasoning( Tadka) – 1 tbsp Urad dal , Mustard seeds , Cumin seeds , Red chillies (2) and Hing ( Asafoetida) – Pinch 

8. Grated raw mango 


1. Peel the Skin of Cucumber and cut into bite sizes Pieces . Transfer to a Bowl .

2. To this add Spices mentioned under To Roast and grind . Mix well .

3. Heat Oil and add Mustard seeds , followed by Urad dal , Cumin seeds , Broken Red chillies , Hing , Curry Leaves , turmeric . Cool and add to the Pickle .

4. Check for Salt and spices and adjust accordingly .

5.Finally add finely chopped Coriander Leaves , Grated raw mangoand Roasted Peanuts.



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