Rasam Vada – Coriander Vada with Carrot Lime  Rasam ( kIDS LUNCH BOX) – Instant pot 

Recipe for 40 medium Vada’s . Preparation and Cooking time : 30 Minutes . 

Note : I have used a wide pan and fried 10 at one go 

You can pack for Kids Lunch Box – Taste goood at room temperature

 I have 2  big bunches of Coriander bought from store . I was thinking what to Cook with it other than Chutney or use in daily Cooking. I have a Packet of Black Urad dal that I bought to use in Dosa or Idli . But my Younger one doesn’t like Black Idli or Dosa. So thought I will try Vada with it Using both Black and White Urad dal . They didn’t turn black as I expected . Happy . I like the taste of Black urad dal  and Green moong. Green moong adds not only sweet taste but vada will be fluffy .Coriander Vada is a Simple Vada recipe prepared with 2 types of Dal , Lot of Coriander and Spices . Spices like Green Chilli and Ginger not only adds spicy bite and good for digestion   . To go along with vada I prepared a Simple Rasam with Lime . Vada’s are so Crispy with a sweet taste from Dals and Onion . Don’t add water while grinding Dals or add very little water  , so the vada’s won’t absorb Oil . I used One measuring Cup Oil and Shallow fried. If you don’t like Shallow frying you can prepare like Dal Roti or Pancakes with the same recipe. 

Cooking Tips :

1. Grind Dals ahead of time and refrigerate .

2. Chop Vegetables and refrigerate .

Easy to prepare  2 Lunch Boxes.


1. Black Split Urad Dal – 1 Cup

2. White Split Urad Dal – 1 cup

3.  Split green  Moong Dal – 1/2 Cup

4. Coriander – One Big Bunch ( Washed and finely Chopped)

5. Onion – 1 ( Finely chopped)

6. Green Chillies – 4 ( Mild Spicy ) or Green chilli paste 

7. Ginger – small piece( Chopped) or Ginger Paste

8. Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

9. Salt

10 . Oil – One measuring Cup or accordingly .


1. Soak Dal’s overnight . Wash them 3 to 4 times. Don’t throw the skin of Urad dal . Grind with little Salt and Cumin seeds and without Water. You can grind with Green chillies and Ginger or you can add Chopped Green chillies and Chopped ginger.

2. To this batter add finely chopped Onions, Green chillies , Chopped Ginger and finely chopped Coriander . Mix well . Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

3. Heat Oil on a Medium High heat . Take a small portion of the batter and shape them like Vada and slide slowly into the Warm Oil .

4. Fry on both sides till golden Brown . Transfer to a plate lined with Paper towel to absorb extra Oil .

5. Repeat the process with the rest of the batter . In between wet your hands to shape perfect round  shaped vada’s .

Pack  for Kids Lunch Box with Rasam or Serve for Weekend Lunch with Lime Rasam 


1. Turn IP on saute mode . When warm add Oil and splutter Mustard seeds,  Black split Urad dal , Cumin seeds, Red chillies , Hing and Curry Leaves .

2. Add finely chopped Onions and fry couple of minutes .

3. Then add Crushed garlic and ginger . Fry for a minute along with grated carrot.

4. Add Chopped tomatoes , Salt ,Water and Rasam powder.

5. Cancel saute and close lid. Manual 4 minutes.

6. NPR . Take out the inner pot. Cool sometime and add Lime juice. Taste for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .




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