Lobiya( Black eyed Beans) Roti with Carrot raita

You can even pack for KIDS LUNCH BOX  with Carrot Raita:

 For a change you can replace your Phulka or Paratha with these Lobiya( Black eyed Bean ) roti . Just mix every thing and prepare roti . No need to rest dough . To get round and even roti I used Ziplock bag and round bowl . If you have a big pan you can fry 4 medium roti’s at one go . The roti’s are not going to dry because I added good amount of Vegetables and they are going to stay soft at room temperature. You can serve them for Morning Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner. If you want to pack for Kids Lunch Box pack with Carrot raita. It takes only 5 minutes to prepare raita . Refrigerate and comes to room temperature by Lunch time.


                 Heat 1 tbsp Oil and add Cumin seeds followed by Chopped tomato ( One ) . Season with little Salt and Rasam Powder or Sambar Powder . Once tomatoes are soft add Grated carrot and Mix. Switch off the stove. Cool before adding to Yogurt . Add this Cooked vegetable to 2 cups of Yogurt(Curd) , finely chopped Onions and Coriander . Check for Salt and spices and add accordingly . You can even add Green chilli paste and Chopped ginger.

Recipe for 15 medium Roti’s .

Preparation and Cooking time : 30 minutes


1. Jowar flour – 1 Cup

2. Rice flour or Wheat flour – 1/4 th cup

3. Chopped Onions

4. Grated Zucchini – 1 Big or Bottle Gourd( Lauki)

5. Cooked Lobiya( Black eyed Beans) – 1 Cup

6. Chopped Spinach ( Palak) or Coriander

7. Green chilli paste, Red chilli powder, Cumin powder or sambar Powder or Curry Powder ( Blend of red chilli powder , Cumin and Coriander Powder , Garlic and fresh Coriander)

8. Ajwain

9. Salt

10 Oil – 2 tbsp for frying roti .


1. Mix jowar flour , rice flour , Mashed Lobiya( Black eyed peas) , Grated Zucchini or Bottle gourd( Lauki) , Chopped spinach or coriander , Ajwain , Green chilli paste, Grated ginger, red chilli powder , Cumin powder , turmeric and Salt . Mix well . Add water slowly and mix like a Chapathi dough .

2. Divide the dough into 15 equal portions and shape like a ball .

3. Cut the sides of Ziplock bag and place the ball inside , flatten with your fingers. Cover with Ziplock and press with a round bowl .

4.Heat a pan and grease with Oil . Slowly slide the Roti on to the warm Pan and Pan fry on both sides till golden brown.

5. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough .

SERVE with CARROT RAITA or any Vegetable of your choice.



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