No Cooking Dessert

No cooking Dessert is a 5  minutes Dessert recipe that you can eat Instantly or prepare and refrigerate and can take for your Workplace. The first time I tasted Cottage cheese is in Hospital when my elder one was born. They served for Lunch along with fruits. I really liked the combination of Cottage cheese with fruit. My favorite is with Mango . Then Strawberries and Banana’s and other seasonal fruits . Cheese is little bland so I added little Sweetner and Cardamom for flavor and Nuts .  Cottage Cheese is good source of Protein ( 4 Ounces – 10 grams protein) . I eat at least 8 Ounces with fruit and Nuts  during Lunch time along with a piece of toast twice or thrice a week  . It is filling and satisfying .Perfect for warm Weather . Here is the Simple recipe .

Cottage cheese is healthy to eat as a part of a balanced diet. Low in Calories and good source of protein. It is available in small curd or large curd preparation with different fat levels. Good source of Calcium a mineral that plays a major role in tooth and bone health and in prevention of Osteoporosis. Look for low sodium or no sodium cottage cheese. it pairs well with Fruits, Nuts and dry fruits. It has became favorite for people who are trying to loose their weight. Even though good eat in moderation. Cottage cheese is ideal before bed because it includes lot of Casein protein which releases slowly into the body . This ensures a steady supply of amino acids through the night. Source : Health magazines .

Recipe for One .

Time for Preparation – 5 minutes if you have Washed and Cut fruit.


1. Cottage Cheese – 8 Ounces

2. Chopped Dates or Raisins or Honey or Sweetner of your Choice

3. Powdered Cardamom – 2

4.  Chopped Fruits ( Mixed fruits or Just Mango or Strawberries or any Seasonal fruit or with Banana)

5. Chopped Nuts ( Cashews ,Pistachio’s or Nuts of your choice)

Method :

                   Mix Chopped Nuts , Sweetner and Cardamom to 8 Ounces of Cottage cheese.  As shown in the Picture , transfer to a Bowl or box ( in the Center of the Box) and Place chopped fruit on the sides. Don’t mix . Mix and eat when you  are ready to eat. 



Green Beans Masala Curry

All these years I use to prepare Simple stir fry or Pancakes with Green Beans . This is the first time I prepared Masala Curry with Green Beans. It  turned out really  tasty  Serve with steamed rice or Phulka .I buy Green Beans in Microwavable bag which is easy to steam in Microwave for 2 1/2 minutes. If you buy Green Beans not in the bag, wash them throughly  Chop and cook in (using Microwave Safe Bowl) Microwave or cook in Pressure Cooker for fast Cooking.

Serve with Steamed rice or Phulka or place the curry in a Tortilla( Wrap) along with Lettuce and Sliced  Onions .

Cooking Tips :

1. Wash , Cook and Chop Green Beans and refrigerate. Cook and refrigerate Potatoes.

2. Chop Onions , Tomato and Grate Carrot.

3. Prepare Spice Powder and refrigerate .

Recipe for 4 People .

Preparation and Cooking time : 30 minutes


1. Green Beans – 2 Bags or 6 Handfuls ( Cooked and Chop in an angle)

2. Onion – Medium ( Chopped) Garlic cloves – 6 ( Peeled and Crushed) , Ginger – 1 tbsp ( Grated )

3. Tomatoes – 3 ( Chopped)

4. Potatoes – 3 ( Cooked and Cubed)

5. Grated Carrot – 1/2 Cup

6. Oil – 3 to 4 tbsp

7. Salt , Turmeric – 1/4 th tbsp  and Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

8. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint Leave

9. Curry Powder – 1 tbsp ( Blend of Red chilli Powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and fresh Coriander)  and Garam Masala – 1/2 tbsp

10 .Spices to roast and Grind – Roast 1 /2 tbsp Coriander seeds, 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds , 5 Walnuts , 5 almonds , 2 tbsp Sesame seeds , Red chillies – 1 or 2 . Cool the Spices and grind with 1/4 th cup dry coconut and 2 Green chillies .


1. Cook Green Beans in Microwave for 2 1/2 minutes . Transfer to a Bowl . Wash and chop them in an angle .

2. Heat 2 tbsp Oil and fry Green Beans until light Brown Uncovered. Transfer to a Bowl .

3. In the same Pan add 2 tbsp Oil and add cumin seeds followed by chopped Onions. Once Onions are Brown add Crushed garlic and grated ginger. Fry for couple of minutes .

4. Add Chopped Tomatoes and cook until soft . Mix in between to avoid burning . Once tomato is soft , Mash with back of the spoon.  If needed add Oil . Once tomatoes are soft and cooked add Curry Powder and grated Carrot. Mix well .

5. Add Cooked and cubed Potato and fried Green Beans, Spice Powder( Mentioned under Spices to roast and Grind) , Chopped Coriander and Mint Leaves. Mix gently . Switch off the stove. Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

SERVE warm .


Quick Morning Breakfast with Sprouts Spread  .

 If you are looking for different Breakfast recipe, then try this recipe which was a hit with my Kids. I like eating Raw Moong Sprouts in Salads or as side for Lunch . If I ask my Kids to eat Sprouts I won’t get positive answer . So need to hide in their favorite Vegetable . I added Sprouts to the filling. Older one liked it , but not the Younger one. So next time when  we had the same for Breakfast  I grinded the Sprouts with Green chilli , Salt and Ginger and Mixed with the filling. This way my younger one didn’t notice  Sprouts on the toast  . You can use the filling as a spread on Bread of Your choice or on Palm sized Phulka . Do the preparation night before and refrigerate , so you can prepare Breakfast in 10 minutes .Kids are going to like this Bite size Breakfast without knowing there are Sprouts in the Spread . Kids are going to like the new taste of spread on the toast.

Sprouts are good source of fiber with few Calories and best for weight loss and have the richest source of amino acids ( for Protein) Vitamins and minerals . Most of the heart and blood pressure problems are due to excess intake of sodium . Sprouts are free from sodium which helps our body reduce high blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Unpeeled potatoes are rich in B complex vitamins which help your body form blood cells and make energy from protein, carbohydrates and fat from the food you eat . If you add butter or cream to mashed potato you will increase fat and Calories and at the same time cooking Potato in water depletes some of its nutrients. Even though Sprouts are good , eat in moderation and suggested to use home grown sprouts. If not cleaned properly bacteria present on sprouts will keep multiplying . Rinse in cold water before use and consume in 3 to 4 days . Source : Health magazines.

Here is a Simple recipe with few Ingredients . 

Cooking Tips :

1. Prepare Phulka ( Indain Bread prepared with Whole Wheat flour) night before and refrigerate .

2 . Prepare the  sprouts Spread night before and refrigerate .

Recipe for 6  .

Preparation and Cooking time – Less than 30 minutes


1. Boiled Potato – 3 ( Peeled and Mashed)

2. Moong Sprouts –  1 Cup

3. Bread of your Choice( White or Brown or Multi grain) – 6 Slices or Palm size Phulka prepared with Whole Wheat flour

4. Curry Powder ( Blend of Red chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and fresh Corinader )or Rasam powder or Sambar powder – 1 tbsp

5. Oil – 1 tbsp

6. Salt

7. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves

8. Green Chillies and Grated ginger or small piece of Ginger .

9. Ajwain – 1/2 tbsp ( Optional)


1. Grind Sprouts with Green Chilli , Salt and small piece of Ginger .

2. Transfer to a Bowl . Add Mashed Potato , Curry powder or Sambar powder, 1 tbsp Oil and finely chopped Coriander and Mint leaves .

3. Mix well . Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

4. Divide  the Sprouts spread into 6 equal Portions.

5. Heat a wide Pan  with little Oil .

5. Grease your hands with litttle Oil and spread the filling on each slice of Bread or Phulka and Pan fry on both sides till Golden Brown .

Cut each toast into 4 and Serve them  with KETCHUP . 




No Cooking Lunch , 

I like to take break from Cooking at least Once or twice a week . Wednesday is a Pizza Day for Kids in School .So no  need to pack Lunch Boxes for Kids . At the same time I don’t want to cook for myself. Salads to my rescue. I  always have some  Cooked Beans or Sprouts in the refrigerator . Asked husband to bring Puffed rice over the weekend . Instead he bought Roasted Poha( flattened rice) . So I had some grains to add for Salad. Quickly chopped the vegetables and enjoyed for Lunch . It takes time to chew and we will be satisfied with a Bowl of Salad and won’t be hungry till Dinner. Along with it I had a Dessert , that I prepared over the  Weekend( Ladoo) . This week  I shared Oats Ladoo . You can find recipe in my Blog. Here is the Simple recipe with every day Ingredients from your Pantry.

Recipe for 2 .

Time taken : 15 minutes


1 Cup – Measuring Cup

1. Moong Sprouts – 1 Cup

2. Roasted  red rice Poha ( Flattened rice) of your Choice ( White, Brown or Red)

3. Salad Cucumber –  One Peeled and diced and Grated Carrot .

4. Roma tomatoes or Tomatoes  of your choice – 2 ( Chopped)

5. Onion – 1 medium ( Chopped)

6. Green Bell Pepper

7. Juice of Lime – Half

8. Finely chopped Coriander and Mint Leaves

9. Chopped Cabbage

10 . Juice of Lime

11. Spices – Red chilli powder , Roasted Cumin powder, Freshly ground Black pepper , Mixed Herbs, Chaat masala and Salt

12. Roasted  Mixed Nuts of your choice ( Peanuts or Cashews or Walnuts or Pistachio’s )

13. Sesame Oil – 1 tbsp


1. Mix Onions, Chopped Cucumber , Tomatoes, Cabbage , Bell pepper , Sprouts in a bowl .  

2. Add Salt , Red chilli Powder, Cumin powder, Chaat masala , Black Pepper and Mixed herbs. Add Sesame Oil . Squeeze juice of Oil .

3. Mix well . Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly .

4. Add Roasted Poha ( flattened rice) and Mixed Nuts .

5 Finally add Chopped Coriander , Mint Leaves and Mixed herbs . 

ENJOY for Lunch, any day of the Week.


Oats Ladoo – 7 Ingredients recipe – Kids Lunch Box Dessert

Oats Ladoo is a tasty Dessert with Less Ingredients and Less Work  that you can Pack for Kids Lunch Box or After School Snack . One Ladoo is enough to satisfy your Sweet cravings.  Prepare over the Weekend and enjoy Whole week .It doesn’t need much Cooking expect roasting nuts and Seeds. I used Jaggery , Raisins and Dates . Dates for binding Ladoo’s . So we can use less Ghee . Simple recipe that you can prepare 20 Ladoo’s in less than 30 Minutes ( Roasting, Grinding and Binding) . Store at room temperature.

                  Here is a Simple recipe with 5 main Ingredients. 

Recipe foe 20 Medium Ladoo’s . Time taken : 30 minutes 


One cup – One Measuring cup

1. Oats – 1 Cup

2. Roasted Peanuts ( store bought)  – 1 cup , Roasted Sesame seeds- 1/4 th cup , Roasted Channa Dal – 1/2 cup

3. Ghee – 3 tbsp and 1/2 tbsp for shaping Ladoo’s

4. Sweetner – Jaggery  or Brown sugar – 1/2 Cup , Raisins – Handful , Dates – 11

5. Cardamom – 10 ( Powdered)

6. Nuts – 1/2 cup( Cashews and Pistachio’s) Chopped

7. Dry Coconut – 1/4 th Cup


1. Roast Peanuts , transfer to a Bowl . Roast Oats and Sesame seeds separately and transfer to Peanuts Bowl . To this Bowl add Roasted Channa Dal, Dry Coconut  and Powdered Cardamom .

2. Grind altogether and transfer to a Bowl . Add Powdered Jaggery or Brown sugar  , Raisins  and Dates.

3. Grind in 2 to 3 Batches . Transfer to a Bowl . Add Ghee and Chopped Cahews and Pistachio’s  .

4. Microwave for 30 seconds or else if you are able to bind Ladoo’s , no need to Microwave . If you don’t have microwave , just warm on Stove top for Couple of minutes.

 5. Take a Handful of mixture and bind Ladoo . Grease your hand with little Ghee and reshape it . Repeat the process with rest of the Mixture . Store at room temperature .

                         Serve as a DESSERT or PACK for KIDS LUNCH BOX as a Dessert .


Tangy Pancakes  with Homemade  ready Pancake Batter – Quick Morning Breakfast with Cauliflower Pancakes  .

Tangy Cauliflower Pancakes is an easy Breakfast recipe which will be loved by everyone in the family because of the tangy taste from  Fermented batter. Easy way to feed some Vegetables for Kids in the form of Breakfast . It will take less time to prepare the Breakfast if you do the Preparation Day before like Soaking , grinding and Fermenting. Mix all the Ingredients and refrigerate. You will have a ready Pancake Batter . This Batter will stay good for 3 to 4 days. Enjoy these easy Pancakes for 2 to 3 days in a Week . They taste good on their own .

Cauliflower is one of the healthiest and Versatile  super food that can be prepared in multiple ways such as roasted , steamed , stirfried and even in pizza crust  and great source of several Vitamins and nutrients. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable meaning that it has four petal flowers that resemble a Greek cross.  Cruciferous vegetables contain nutrients that have been linked to Cancer prevention . The veggie comes in a variety of colors , including white , purple , orange and green. Purple Cauliflower is rich in tannins , while Orange cauliflower is rich in beta – carotene . Half a cup of Cauliflower contains roughly 40 percent of your daily intake of Vitamin C and has about 15 Calories. The sulforphane an organic sulfur compond found in cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower has the potential effect to improve kidney function and blood pressure.It is low in fat , low in Carbohydrates and ranks low on GI making it a great choice for diabetics.

Adding legumes to grains will improve Zinc intake . Deficiency may lead to hair loss , Skin ,Vision , impaired appetite and depressed immunity. Zinc is also critical to vision and works together with Vitamin A . If you are a vegetarian include seeds and lentils on a daily basis toward s ensuring good Zinc nutrition . Soaking beans seeds and grains for several hours may significantly improve Zinc bioavailability from these foods. Lentils are not rich in fat and Calories and are very good source of Cholesterol lowering fiber. Compared to other types of dried beans lentils are relatively quick and easy to prepare if you soak for couple of hours. Fermented foods are predigested by bacteria and hence easier to digest . Also lactic acid and enzymes formed during the fermentation process aid digestion especially protein digestion . Lactic acid formed during fermentation not only preserves the food but promotes the growth of intestinal flora.Source : Health Magazines

  Here is a simple recipe with 5 main Ingredients.

Recipe for 12 Medium Pancakes .

Preparation and Cooking time : 30 Minutes .


1. Fermented Dosa Batter –

                   2 Measuring Cups ( Soak 1 Cup Brown Basamati rice or Daliya (Cracked Wheat or Quinoa) , 1/2 Cup Urad dal , 1/4 th cup Channa Dal, 1/4 th Yellow Moong Dal , 1/4 th Cup Green Moong  with 1/2 tbsp Fenugreek seeds.  Soak for 5 to 6 Hours . Grind  with enough water and ferment Overnight). The batter should not be runny .

2.  Wheat flour or Bajra flour or Jowar flour – 1/4 th Cup ( Optional . Add if the batter is runny)

3. Finely chopped or Grated Cauliflower 

4. Chopped Onion – Medium and Grated carrot 

5. Finely chopped Coriander Leaves

6. Salt

7. Curry Powder  ( Blend of Red chilli powder , Coriander and Cumin Powder , Garlic and fresh Coriander ) or Rasam Powder or Sambar powder – 1 tbsp

8. Oil – 1 to 2 tbsp

9. Soaked Channa Dal – 1/2 Cup


1. To the fermented batter add finely chopped or Grated Cauliflower , onions , Chopped Coriander, Soaked Channa Dal , Salt ,  flour and Rasam or sambar or Curry Powder. 

2. Mix well . No need to add Water. Check for Salt and Spices and add accordingly . You can refrigerate or prepare immediately .

3. Heat Pan on Medium / Medium High flame and grease with Oil .

4.Take a big spoonful of Batter and pour on warm Pan . Drizzle Oil over the edges. Fry on both sides till light Brown . After you flip you can press on the pancake for Crispy Pancakes.

5. Serve warm . No need of any Ketchup or sauce. They taste good on their own.