Raisin Ladoo  – Kids Lunch Box/After school snack /Dessert

Raisin Ladoo is a very Simple and easy Dessert to prepare with everyday Ingredients from your Pantry in 3 easy steps. ROAST , GRIND and BIND the Ladoo’s. Stays good for few days as I  didn’t add any Milk . To prepare Diwali sweets I bought big packet of Raisins . Now and then I’m using in Kheer and Payasam . Still I have 1/2 packet in the freezer that I have to use before expiry date. I didn’t prepare any Ladoo with Roasted Channa dal  for a long time. Remember eating during School days as a Dessert in Lunch Box or after School snack. Usually it is prepared with Sugar or Jaggery , Ghee and Coconut. Instead of Sugar and Jaggery I used raisins for sweetness and Dates for Binding the Ladoo. Need only tbsp of Ghee for aroma and taste . Cardamom is Vanilla Bean in Indian Desserts. Adds Sweet aroma to any  Dessert . Taste the mixture before binding Ladoo’s , if needed add some Powdered Jaggery . We like a little bite in Ladoo’s. So I added chopped Cashews and Pistachio’s . Adding them is Optional.Don’t skip dry coconut. Here is a Simple recipe for Raisins Ladoo . Make good use of Raisins if you have in your Pantry or refrigerator before expiry date . These Ladoo’s are prepared with Raisins – Substitute for Sugar . Raisin Ladoo in 3 easy steps. Try over the Weekend and pack for Lunch Box/ After School Dessert.

 Recipe for 10 medium Ladoo’s .

Preparation time : Less than 30 minutes



1. Raisins – 1/2 Measuring cup or 1 measuring cup and 5 Dates or accordingly if you are not able to bind

3. Roasted nuts of your choice ( Walnuts or Almonds or Cashews or Pistachios or Mixed Nuts) – 1/2 cup 

4. Roasted Peanuts – 1/2 cup ( store bought)

5. Ghee – 2 tbsp

6. Cardamom – 6 ( Powdered )

7. Dry Coconut – 1/4 th cup

8. Chopped Cashews and Pistachio’s – 1/2 Cup 


1. Grind Roasted Peanuts and Roasted MIXED NUTS  into fine Powder  . Transfer to a Bowl.

2. To this Powdered mixture add Dry coconut , Raisins , Cardamom and Chopped Dates . Mix well .

3. Grind this mixture into a fine Powder in 2 to 3 batches  .

4. Transfer to a bowl and add 2 tbsp Melted Ghee and Chopped Cashews and Pistachio’s  . Before adding Ghee taste the mixture for Sweetness and add accordingly .

5. Take Handful of mixture and shape Ladoo’s. Repeat the process with the rest of the mixture . Store in a Box .

            Pack for Kids Lunch Box or After School Snack or Serve as a Dessert .

NOTE: Before adding Ghee taste the mixture for Sweetness . If need add 1/4 th cup Powdered Jaggery  or Dates .



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