Oats Ladoo – 7 Ingredients recipe – Kids Lunch Box Dessert

Oats Ladoo is a tasty Dessert with Less Ingredients and Less Work  that you can Pack for Kids Lunch Box or After School Snack . One Ladoo is enough to satisfy your Sweet cravings.  Prepare over the Weekend and enjoy Whole week .It doesn’t need much Cooking expect roasting nuts and Seeds. I used Jaggery , Raisins and Dates . Dates for binding Ladoo’s . So we can use less Ghee . Simple recipe that you can prepare 20 Ladoo’s in less than 30 Minutes ( Roasting, Grinding and Binding) . Store at room temperature.

                  Here is a Simple recipe with 5 main Ingredients. 

Recipe foe 20 Medium Ladoo’s . Time taken : 30 minutes 


One cup – One Measuring cup

1. Oats – 1 Cup

2. Roasted Peanuts ( store bought)  – 1 cup , Roasted Sesame seeds- 1/4 th cup , Roasted Channa Dal – 1/2 cup

3. Ghee – 3 tbsp and 1/2 tbsp for shaping Ladoo’s

4. Sweetner – Jaggery  or Brown sugar – 1/2 Cup , Raisins – Handful , Dates – 11

5. Cardamom – 10 ( Powdered)

6. Nuts – 1/2 cup( Cashews and Pistachio’s) Chopped

7. Dry Coconut – 1/4 th Cup


1. Roast Peanuts , transfer to a Bowl . Roast Oats and Sesame seeds separately and transfer to Peanuts Bowl . To this Bowl add Roasted Channa Dal, Dry Coconut  and Powdered Cardamom .

2. Grind altogether and transfer to a Bowl . Add Powdered Jaggery or Brown sugar  , Raisins  and Dates.

3. Grind in 2 to 3 Batches . Transfer to a Bowl . Add Ghee and Chopped Cahews and Pistachio’s  .

4. Microwave for 30 seconds or else if you are able to bind Ladoo’s , no need to Microwave . If you don’t have microwave , just warm on Stove top for Couple of minutes.

 5. Take a Handful of mixture and bind Ladoo . Grease your hand with little Ghee and reshape it . Repeat the process with rest of the Mixture . Store at room temperature .

                         Serve as a DESSERT or PACK for KIDS LUNCH BOX as a Dessert .



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