No Cooking Dessert

No cooking Dessert is a 5  minutes Dessert recipe that you can eat Instantly or prepare and refrigerate and can take for your Workplace. The first time I tasted Cottage cheese is in Hospital when my elder one was born. They served for Lunch along with fruits. I really liked the combination of Cottage cheese with fruit. My favorite is with Mango . Then Strawberries and Banana’s and other seasonal fruits . Cheese is little bland so I added little Sweetner and Cardamom for flavor and Nuts .  Cottage Cheese is good source of Protein ( 4 Ounces – 10 grams protein) . I eat at least 8 Ounces with fruit and Nuts  during Lunch time along with a piece of toast twice or thrice a week  . It is filling and satisfying .Perfect for warm Weather . Here is the Simple recipe .

Cottage cheese is healthy to eat as a part of a balanced diet. Low in Calories and good source of protein. It is available in small curd or large curd preparation with different fat levels. Good source of Calcium a mineral that plays a major role in tooth and bone health and in prevention of Osteoporosis. Look for low sodium or no sodium cottage cheese. it pairs well with Fruits, Nuts and dry fruits. It has became favorite for people who are trying to loose their weight. Even though good eat in moderation. Cottage cheese is ideal before bed because it includes lot of Casein protein which releases slowly into the body . This ensures a steady supply of amino acids through the night. Source : Health magazines .

Recipe for One .

Time for Preparation – 5 minutes if you have Washed and Cut fruit.


1. Cottage Cheese – 8 Ounces

2. Chopped Dates or Raisins or Honey or Sweetner of your Choice

3. Powdered Cardamom – 2

4.  Chopped Fruits ( Mixed fruits or Just Mango or Strawberries or any Seasonal fruit or with Banana)

5. Chopped Nuts ( Cashews ,Pistachio’s or Nuts of your choice)

Method :

                   Mix Chopped Nuts , Sweetner and Cardamom to 8 Ounces of Cottage cheese.  As shown in the Picture , transfer to a Bowl or box ( in the Center of the Box) and Place chopped fruit on the sides. Don’t mix . Mix and eat when you  are ready to eat. 


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