Raw Chickpea Salad with Grape Dressing and Sweet Potato or White Potato fritters  – Summer Lunch /Kids Lunch Box 

Kids Lunch Box / Summer Lunch with Potato Fritters:

First Day of Summer Vacation. For today’s Lunch I prepared a simple  Raw Chickpea Salad with Grape Dressing. Sometimes before cooking Chickpea’s I just   eat raw Chickpea’s and we like the taste  . So instead of Cooking Chickpea’s I added raw Chickpea’s to the Salad. Instead of Lime Juice I added Grape Juice as Salad Dressing. You are going to like the different tastes in the Salad. Along with Salad I served Simple Pan fried Sweet and White Potato fritters. You can prepare batter ahead of time and refrigerate. Slice the Potato thinly so they will Cook fast .

              Here is the Simple recipe for Salad and Fritters.  Prepare Salad night before and refrigerate without adding Salad Dressing. Mix the flour with Spices and water and refrigerate . This is the  right Summer Lunch which will be loved by the Kids and if you want to Serve something different from regular. 


1. Raw and Soaked Chickpeas – 1/2 Cup

2. Salad Cucumber – 1

3 . Shallots – 2 ( Sliced thinly)

4. Zero Spicy Green Chillies or Sweet Peppers

5. Salt , Black Pepper and Mixed Herbs , Honey and Mustard

6. Grapes – 1/2 Cup ( Crushed) or thinly sliced or Grind in a Blender. 


1. In a Bowl mix Chickpeas , Sliced Salad Cucumber , Shallots, Green chillies or Sweet Peppers,.

2. To the Crushed or Sliced Grapes ,add little Salt, Black pepper and Mixed Herbs, Honey and Mustard .

3. Add dressing to the Salad. Check for Sweetness  and Spices and adjust accordingly .

Serve with Sweet Potato and White Potato  fritters .

Recipe for Sweet and White Potato Fritters. 

1.  In a Mixing Bowl Mix Yellow Moong Dal flour or Chickpea flour and rice flour, Salt and Curry Powder. Add Water slowly and Mix well . The Batter must be thick to Coat the Vegetable .

2. Heat a Pan with little Oil .

3. Dip the Sliced Potato in the batter and Pan fry in a Single layer.

4. Cover and Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

5. Check with Knife whether the Potato is Cooked . Uncover and Cook until light Brown. SERVE with Raw Chickpea Salad.