Egg less Whole Wheat Apple Cake – Kids Lunch Box Dessert

  Egg less Whole Wheat Apple  Cake is my first Cake post in my Blog. I don’t bake . My daughter ( In middle School) is a self taught baker and Baked this Eggless Apple cake using my recipe . It turned out delicious . The Cake is moist because of apple with Crispy crust. We used Oil and Ghee instead of Butter and Whole wheat flour instead of APF flour. You can use Sweetner of your choice ( White or Brown sugar) . It took 15 minutes to Prepare and Baking 40 minutes and additional 10 minutes ( If tooth pick didn’t come out clean) . I don’t have Cocoa  Powder at home , so we used Chocolate Powder . Serve as a Dessert or Pack for Kids Lunch Box Dessert . Simple recipe with easy available Ingredients.

Serving 8 . Preparation time :15 minutes Baking time : 40 Minutes and 10  more minutes ( If tooth pick inserted didn’t come Clean )


One cup – Measuring Cup

1. Whole wheat flour – 1 1/2 cup

2.  Brown Sugar – 1 cup  Note : Add 3/4th cup . Taste the Batter , if needed add 1/4 th Cup 

3. Baking soda – 1 teaspoon

4. Salt – 1/4 th teaspoon

5. Milk – 1 cup

6. Vanilla essence – 1 teaspoon

7. Oil – 2 tablespoon , Ghee – 2 tablespoon

8. Chocolate Powder – 4 tablespoon ( Swiss miss)

9. Apple – Medium ( Peeled and Chopped)


1. Mix Wheat flour , Salt and Baking soda in a Bowl

2. Mix Sugar, Oil , Melted Ghee in another Bowl . Add Milk and Vanilla essence . Use Hand Blender and Mix well .  

3. Add dry Ingredients to wet Ingredients and Mix with the help of Electric beater until both are well incorporated  .

4.  Grease Loaf  Pan with Oil . Pour half the batter in a Loaf  Pan and fold in finely chopped apples .

5 . In remaining  half batter add Chocolate Powder . Drizzle Chocolate Powder batter into the Loaf Pan . Swirl with tooth Pick .

6. Preheat Oven at 350 degrees  F and Bake for 40 Minutes ( If tooth pick didn’t come Clean Bake for another 10 minutes )

7. Cool for 10 minutes and loosen the edges with the help of Knife and unmould . Wait for 10 more minutes and cut into Slices. 

Serve as a Dessert or pack for KIDS LUNCH BOX 



      1. Hi Sandhya
        I made the cake using all the steps correct. Cake was good but atta tasted me little raw. I used Ashirwad whole wheat atta. Can I roast atta first before using in cake ??


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