Strawberry Nuts Cake – No Eggs and No Butter Cake 

 This week Baking is with Strawberries .  My kids gets excited if it is a Baking Day .  I didn’t bake all these years as my Kids are small and no interest  and time after doing regular work. My older does the Baking without my  help  and with a little help from her sister. They enjoy measuring, Mixing , making little mess in the Kitchen , using Hand Blender, tasting the Batter , Chopping fruits and Nuts and even they are taking Photo’s ( They need to share things they did in summer ) . This is fifth successful Baking . So far we liked Apple cake , Simple Vanilla Cupcakes, Pineapple Cake and Straw Berry Cake. What is for Next week Baking? After Baking it is Mom’s job to clean the Kitchen and Pots. My Kids Open the oven for every 5 minutes to see whether the cake is  raising and smelling the Cake. They walk restless in the Living room looking at the timer  and to hear the timer to Beep. This Summer i’m having fun watching my kids Baking . This is going to be a good memory for me. It is  an Egg less and No Butter cake . We  added Nuts for little bite in between . The cake is moist and had nice flavor and  aroma from Vanilla essence and ghee. Need to refrigerate because of fruit. Warm for 30 seconds before you serve. Banana’s are good combination with Strawberries and the cake is moist  . Here is a Simple Cake recipe that you can Bake with your Kids . 

Preparation time : 15 Minutes Baking time: 40 Minutes ( Extra 5 to 10 minutes if tooth pick didn’t come out clean)

INGREDIENTS:. 1 cup – One Measuring cup  

1.  Wheat Flour – 1 1/4 th cup  I suggest to bake the cake in a Loaf Pan . 

2. Sweetner of your choice – 1 cup ( White or Brown sugar) 

3. Baking soda –  1 tsp

4. Salt – Pinch

5. Banana’s – 3

6. Straw berries – One measuring cup ( Pitted and Chopped)

7. Vanilla essence – 2 tsp

8. Milk – 1/4 th Cup 

9. Oil – 2 tbsp and Melted Ghee – 3 tbsp

10. Chopped Nuts – 1/2 Cup ( Cashews , Almonds and Pistachio’s)

11. Chocolate powder – 2 tbsp ( Swiss Miss)


  1. Preheat Oven to 350 degrees F .                 2.. Mix flour, Baking Soda and Salt.

3. In another bowl Mash Banana’s with the help of a fork and then with  Hand Blender.

4. Whisk together  Brown  Sugar , Oil, Ghee , Milk and Vanilla essence .

5. Add Banana’s and stir .

6.. Add flour mixture and Blend with Hand Blender.

7. Fold in Chopped Strawberries and Chopped Nuts.

8. Pour into a greased  9 Inch round Pan. I suggest to Bake in a Loaf pan .

9. Bake for 40 minutes( If tooth pick doesn’t come out clean Bake for another 5 Minutes)

10. Cool for 10 minutes and loosen the edges with the help of a fork .

11. Demould  into a plate.

12. Wait for 10 more minutes and cut into Slices .

                              SERVE warm or at room temperature.



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